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My first video podcast

I published my first video podcast this evening over on As it is the first one, I am re-publishing it here too.

The podcast is an interview with LouderVoice‘s Conor O’Neill. Conor discusses how the site is based on Microformats (making the data fully portable), how the sites makes extensive use of tagging and how you can subscribe to RSS feeds for almost every aspect of the site.

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My move from OS X to Vista – Day 2

It is taking me a while to get into this Vista machine.

On the Mac, I live in browsers (I generally have 4 running) and email. The browsers on Vista are pretty much the same as they are on the Mac but the email experience is very different.

The main choices I have for email client software are Thunderbird and Outlook 2007. I am using both for different email accounts and, frankly, I don’t like either!

Thunderbird has already crashed on me so it is not that stable and Outlook hangs from time to time, seemingly contemplating the task I have just asked it to do, before finally snapping to attention and displaying my mail.

Outlook also has an incredibly cluttered interface (seven panes) in comparison to the clean crisp interface of Apple’s Mail app. This can be very off-putting if you are not familiar with the program.

Outlook 2007

I also hate the way Outlook deals with IMAP. I like it as a protocol but it is unusable in Outlook (if I delete an email, I want it to disappear, not stay in my inbox with a line through it). I originally set up my mail account in Outlook 2007 as IMAP but when I realised Outlook still deals poorly with IMAP I decided to switch to POP.

This is where I hit another UI bug.
outlook account remove stupidity

When I asked Outlook to remove the account it gave me the above error message which basicly says, “I know what you were trying to do but because you haven’t done it the exact way I mandate, I’m going to display this error message scolding you and make you do it again until you do it properly!”

Listen Microsoft, if the app is clever enough to know what I was trying to do, why not just do it, instead of forcing me to start all over again, the way Outlook wants me to do it?

Windows Live Writer – Insert Event

I read on Conor O Neill’s blog this morning that Windows Live Writer has a plugin which allows insertion of Events. The Events can be added from Eventful using Live Clipboard or via a search Eventful button in the plugin.

To give it a try, I entered the information about the it@cork 2006 Annual Conference into Eventful. I then tried to use Live Clipboard to copy the data across into Live Writer but I couldn’t get this to work – I kept getting malformed XML errors.

Undaunted, I then tried the Search Eventful option and this worked eventually (the search facility is poor so it takes a long time to find the event you want). However, I found the Event in Eventful and it added it in to this post (below).

 The formatting isn’t great (of the Description field in particular) but other than that it seems to work quite well.


According to the download page:

The published post included correct hCalendar microformatting

 This is interesting – a tool supporting Microformats coming out of Microsoft – the shame of it is that when I last checked it has only been downloaded 149 times.

Wednesday, November 29, 2006
All Day
2006 it@cork National Technology & Business Conference – Business without Boundaries
09:10 OPENING ADDRESS ‘Bricks to Clicks’ Speaker: Eddie Hobbs, SESSION 1 – THE FLAT EARTH PHENOMENON 10:00 Early Pioneers of bookselling and art on the Web Speaker: Conor Kenny, (…
Rochestown Park Hotel

Rochestown Road

Cork, Cork   Ireland

Download iCalendar file