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Any questions for Jeff Clavier?

Jeff Clavier is the Founder and Managing Partner of SoftTech Venture Consulting. Prior to founding SoftTech VC, Jeff was the President of RVC Capital, the Corporate Venture arm of Reuters that has invested $560M in 82 companies since 1994, including Yahoo!, Verisign, Phone.com, and Infoseek.

I met Jeff briefly at the Les Blogs 2.0 conference in Paris last year and more recently at the Enterprise Ireland Web 2.0 (TM) event. Both times he graciously ageed to do an interview with me for PodLeaders but I didn’t manage to get it together enough to organise an interview until now!

I’m interviewing Jeff over Skype this Tuesday (May 30th). If you have questions you’d like me to put to him, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll ask him.

[Edited to correct the address of Jeff’s blog]

Launch of Structured Blogging

I see Jeff Clavier has a post about the launch of StructuredBlogging.org at the Syndicate conference. Structured blogging is

a way to get more information on the web in a way that’s more usable. You can enter information in this form and it’ll get published on your blog like a normal entry, but it will also be published in a machine-readable format so that other services can read and understand it.

For more see the structuredblogging.org website.

The announcement is being made by Marc Canter, and Salim Ismail of PubSub.

This is very fortuitous timing – Salim pre-announced the structured blogging initiative in his amazing podcast on this site last week and co-incidentally, I am interviewing Marc canter at the end of this week for a podcast to be published next week!

Are these podcasts topical, or what?