Launch of Structured Blogging

I see Jeff Clavier has a post about the launch of at the Syndicate conference. Structured blogging is

a way to get more information on the web in a way that’s more usable. You can enter information in this form and it’ll get published on your blog like a normal entry, but it will also be published in a machine-readable format so that other services can read and understand it.

For more see the website.

The announcement is being made by Marc Canter, and Salim Ismail of PubSub.

This is very fortuitous timing – Salim pre-announced the structured blogging initiative in his amazing podcast on this site last week and co-incidentally, I am interviewing Marc canter at the end of this week for a podcast to be published next week!

Are these podcasts topical, or what?

7 thoughts on “Launch of Structured Blogging”

  1. Just dropping by to leave a quick note to say:
    1. I am very much enjoying your podcasts – presentation, content and all
    2. I am still somewhat skeptical about the future of structured blogging. I don’t think we are ready for it. Also it takes the fun out of blogging if I have to fill-in a form everytime I want to blog.

  2. Angsuman,

    If you download the WordPress plugin, you’ll see that you only fill in the form for certin types of post (reviews, podcasts, events, etc.) – normal posts are unaffected and no form filling is required.

  3. I might give it a go, as it sounds like it would be useful and possibly better for reviews.. I’ve a publisher screaming at me at the moment about one 🙂

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