Any questions for Jeff Clavier?

Jeff Clavier is the Founder and Managing Partner of SoftTech Venture Consulting. Prior to founding SoftTech VC, Jeff was the President of RVC Capital, the Corporate Venture arm of Reuters that has invested $560M in 82 companies since 1994, including Yahoo!, Verisign,, and Infoseek.

I met Jeff briefly at the Les Blogs 2.0 conference in Paris last year and more recently at the Enterprise Ireland Web 2.0 (TM) event. Both times he graciously ageed to do an interview with me for PodLeaders but I didn’t manage to get it together enough to organise an interview until now!

I’m interviewing Jeff over Skype this Tuesday (May 30th). If you have questions you’d like me to put to him, feel free to leave them in the comments and I’ll ask him.

[Edited to correct the address of Jeff’s blog]

4 thoughts on “Any questions for Jeff Clavier?”

  1. Can I have some money to start a data centre in Cork City please? We’re a bit short of competition down here and I have some servers I want to co-lo, plus a few more I can pull in with the right network and power setup. Just €20k should get me started, but I’ll happily budget for more if it’s going. Be happy to host, wink wink, what with it being Temporarily Unavailable an’ all atm.

    (Hey, you asked. Actually, now I come to think about it, I seem to remember reading somewhere recently that if you had the opportunity to ask a VC something, you should ask for advice, because the advice will often lead to an investment; whereas if you ask for money, what you’ll invariably get is advice. So there you go, there’s a real question, ask him if he finds that is the case. /Then/ ask him if I can have some money.)

  2. Hey, I have some questions for Jeff…

    1 – How crowded is the consumer mobile photo space, and what companies does he think will win in that space? (and why?)

    2 – What 3 areas does he think have promise in web 2.0?

    3 – The VC model seems to be in trouble given the low G2M cost of building companies today Does he agree and what happens to traditional VCs if that happens? (SoftTech seems to be adapting to fit this trend, but is it deliberate or accidental?)

    4 – Can he fill in the following blank… “english pig-dogs… I ____ in your general direction”


  3. Ask him that how does he manage to gather all the confidence for investing so much money in insecure as well as secure areas.

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