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Les Blogs 3 registration now open

Loic has announced the opening of the registration for Les Blogs 3. It is on in Paris on Dec 11th and 12th, and costs €300 (excl VAT) if you register before November 11th.

The event has been renamed Le Web 3 to better reflect the broader focus on Live Web applications and not just Blogs this year.

Le Web 3 has its own website and you can register to attend online.

Having attended last years Les Blogs 2, I can strongly recommend attending Le Web 3.

TechCrunch UK launch

TechCrunch UK, although running for a couple of months now, had its official launch last night. I was fortunate enough to get an invite, and I decided to fly over for the event primarily because Mike Arrington was going to be there and I wanted to finally meet him (we’ve had several conversations over email and phone/skype but we’ve never met in person). Mike didn’t show.

My annoyance at the no-show was tempered by the fact that I got to catch up with Hugh MacLeod, Fergus Burns and Robin Blandford. And I got to meet lots of interesting people like Jeremy Baines, Ryan Carson, Ivan Pope and Simon Grice from Etribes. And I got to be on the Gillmor Gang podcast.

Also, the (finger) food was plentiful and there was no shortage of drink (despite the three Irish guys best attempts!).

I took plenty of pics which I’ll post when I get back to my USB cable (note to self, pack USB cable in future).

So thanks to Sam for the invite, even if it was under false pretences, and congrats on landing Mike Butcher as your editor, I know he’ll bring a lot to the site.

The next great Cork Blogger's dinner

The plates are hardly dry from last night’s great blogger’s dinner and we have another spectacular one planned.

The date is November 28th, time and venue are yet to be decided – mark it in your calendars now!

November 28th is the eve of it@cork’s 2006 Business and Technology conference, so I made sure to invite the speakers who blog to the bloggers dinner, when I was asking them to speak at the conference.

The list of bloggers who have agreed to come to the dinner is impressive:
Hugh MacLeod
Marc Canter
Salim Ismail and
Jeff Nolan

I’m sure we can convince Hugh to bring some of that Stormhoek wine he is always raving about!
Now, I wonder if we can find somebody to sponsor the food as well…

If you plan to come to the dinner, or are interested in sponsoring the event, leave your name in the comments of this post (or send me an email – tom@tomrafteryit.net).

Last night's blogger's dinner

Cork Bloggers Dinner

Last night’s blogger’s dinner was a great success – thanks to Pat for organising (and paying for) it.

Shel Israel and Rick Segal were the guests of honour and both had lots of interesting info to impart. Rick talked up MusicIP – I missed the start of the conversation but I assume MusicIP is a company he has invested in. MusicIP scans your music (Windows, Linux, Mac) and creates playlists for you based on your mood!!! amongst other things.

Little did I realise when I first started conversing with Shel last year that I’d convince him to come to Cork twice this year (first for the it@cork Web 2.0 conference and now for his global tour) – it just goes to show the power of blogs as a networking tool!

Reasons not to steal bandwidth

[Final Update] – Post title changed one more (and final) time. I have updated this post one final time because I didn’t realise how quickly and more importantly how high up my post would come in a search for Noah’s name. I have spoken to Noah and he is genuinely sorry and I don’t (now) think the hotlinking was done maliciously. Lesson learned, Google places a lot more stock in what I say than I had realised. Must remember to think before I Publish, must remember to ….

[UPDATE] I have changed the title of this post. Many people have responded in the comments of this post to say I was too harsh on Noah – and they are completely correct. I thought about titling the post “Reasons not to steal bandwidth” (Noah’s post is titled “Reasons not to blog”) and taking a much more humourous approach to the issue but it was Monday morning and I let my temper get in the way (red hair!). Lesson learned – take a deep breath before hitting Publish!

If you link to an image on someone else’s site you really should ask their permission. Otherwise, every time someone views the image on your site, you are stealing bandwidth from the site hosting the image.

Noah Kagan did this recently. He used an image from this site on his blog without asking my permission. This is theft. I pay for the bandwidth that he and his site’s viewers are consuming.

Noah Kagan steals my bandwidth

Of course, there is another very good reason not to link to images on someone else’s site – you have no control over those images. They could be deleted, renamed, or changed at any time – like below – I replaced the image Noah was using with a more appropriate one – now Noah’s site is hosting an image which tells it as it is!

I put a more appropriate image in place

Poetic justice. That bandwidth I am happy to pay for.

Shel and Rick coming to town!

Shel Israel (former PR exec turned social media consultant) and Rick Segal (highly respected VC) are coming to Cork next Tuesday.

Rick and Shel, as well as attending the blogger’s dinner that Pat has arranged for them, are also making themselves available to meet entrepreneurs on the afternoon of Tuesday Oct 17th.

If you have a couple of business ideas or a startup you’d like some (free) advice about from two of the world’s leading experts, leave a comment here and I’ll arrange that you get to meet with them.

WIT Workshop

The business blogging workshop I held in Waterford Institute of Technology (WIT) yesterday seemed to go very well. The online feedback was very positive as were a lot of the comments during the course of the day.

The workshop itself was quite challenging to pitch because the attendees spanned communications, marketing, business development and deep tech. Some had been blogging for years, some never read blogs and a couple were in-between!

What I decided to do was let the attendees tell me their reasons for attending the course, and I then structured the workshop on the fly to try to address those needs. This approach, although more difficult than working through a prepared presentation, worked quite well – particularly because I made it a very interactive day for the attendees. We had some great discussions and addressed issues directly relevant to those who were present.

Net Visionary!

It seems that I have been nominated for a 2006 Net Visionary award in three categories!

I don’t know who nominated me, but thanks. It is both flattering and humbling to be nominated, particularly in light of the quality of some of my fellow nominees.

I have been nominated in Best Social Contribution (!). I am also nominated in the Best Blogger category and finally, I am nominated in the Best Podcast category (for the PodLeaders.com podcast).

There are lots of other nominees in lots of other categories – if you haven’t done so already head on over and vote (voting is open to all).

Personally, I’ll be hard pressed to vote for myself in any of the categories the competition is that good!