WordPress app for iPhone/iPod Touch launched

WordPress launched it’s long anticipated WordPress app for the iPhone and iPod Touch this morning. See http://iPhone.wordpress.org for more.

I downloaded to my iPod and am writing this post using it.

The write screen seems quite bare. I don’t yet see how to add links, emphasis or photos to posts. I am sure the functionality is there I just need to look around more.

Ok there was some kind of bug when I was using this first and the bottom Menu bar was missing. I hit the Home button quitting out of the app and opened it again. This notified me that it had recovered a post (good, I thought I would lose it when I quit).

Opening the post now displays the bottom menu so I don’t know what caused the bug or if it will recur.

I still don’t see an easy way to create links in blog posts.

Adding multiple blogs is easy. The hardest part (for me) was being able to remember the passwords!

It is a free download. And they say it will be open source. Not sure where to download the code from yet. Will update this post as soon as I find out.

8 thoughts on “WordPress app for iPhone/iPod Touch launched”

  1. I would like to see a version with ability to admin blog comments within the app. Posting links to blogs isn’t possible but is this not because the iPhone itself doesn’t have a way to copy and paste. I can do this easily on the N800 and I miss having that capability on the iPhone.

  2. It’s a useful application but it doesn’t get used as much as the micro-blogging services like Twitterrific on my iPhone as it seems a bit cumbersome.

  3. I wonder if it will work with cellphones other than iphone. I use wordpress a lot but i don’t have an iphone

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