97 thoughts on “Windows Live Mail deleted ALL my email. Windows Live Email = EPIC FAIL”

  1. That really is a gargantuan Epic Fail.

    I’d redirect everything to Google Apps and get the hell out of that town pretty snappy… If Gmail starts mass-deleting email on sight then we all have far bigger problems.

  2. Not trying to defend their actions, but if you use their desktop e-mail client – Windows Live Mail – then you can access your Hotmail mail from your desktop.
    I do that myself for my domain’s e-mail which is hosted by them.

    Just not sure whether I’m still supposed to manually log in at least once every 6 months…

  3. I’ve been using Hotmail for ages now, simply because I’ve got an address I like (and gmail doesn’t have the same one available so I can’t simply switch across…)

    Then again, it might be worth the hassle of emailing my contact list and changing all of my registration details, if only to have the peace of mind that all of my emails won’t get deleted!

    I’ll be backing up my emilas now anyway…

    Sorry to hear for your loss, Tom

  4. Hotmail had a policy that you had to login once every 30 days to keep the account active. If you failed to login the account was deemed inactive and all emails were deleted. After this, if you logged in within a certain time of which I’m unsure, possibly 6 months, you could reactivate the account but it would be empty. Is it possible that this policy is still in place and that you did not login within a 30 day timespan?

  5. you have my sympathy. logged on today to two old hotmail accounts and everything has disappeared. i don’t understand it. i have used them infrequently for years and everything has been fine. now all gone. sad….

  6. Such a pain. I’ve recently had the same experience with the Hotmail account I had for 9 years. All my old emails (with tonnes of sentimental value) are now gone forever. I got on to them about it and they emailed back explaining the following:
    * After 60 days without signing in, all mails are deleted.
    * You account stays active for 120 days.
    * After 365 days your Windows Live ID will be deleted

    I would be less upset if the entire account was deleted! It’s so infuriating to log in to your account and find it empty. It felt like a huge invasion of privacy, like somebody snuck into my account overnight and stole all of my emails. It creates a complete lack of trust…

  7. Aua!

    That´s a real bad thing, loosing all conversations, would be “nice” at my german emailprovider web.de, there are about 5.8 GB of mails and other things stored online (I´m in there since several years.)…

    I feel with you!


  8. Disaster! Nothing worse than losing your mails, I lost over a gig of mails for 24hrs (Hardware failure) – what a nightmare…

  9. Thats a tough thing. I managed to find a contact in Microsoft tech support that was able to help me out and recover my mail when ths happened to me. Did you try escalating to their online support team?

  10. I found this page by googling to see whether the same thing has happened to others. I logged in to find that 8 years of e-mail are gone. I am at a loss, as there were a lot of old things that I would liked to have kept, for posterity mostly. Is there any way I can recover this?

  11. You can use Thunderbird to access Hotmail/Windows live accounts – that’s what I’ve done and I have local copies of everything.

  12. i feel your pain, this happened to me as well. i need to find an old email toshiba sent me to verify a purchase, i logged into my account only to find that everything had been wiped clean, drove me nuts!


  13. I can honestly say that moving to Vista was one of the worst things that I ever did. Mainly because it is one of the worst products I’ve ever used. Sorry about your email troubles – I’m gmail all the way.

  14. Dark side of FREE mail accounts…
    hoster does not take any responcibility for your data.

  15. my god!

    i have no idea how to get my emails back! i have tried every possible thing and i’ve ended up here! i have a friend i’ve been in contact with only thru emails.. now i dont even have his email address! if there’s anything anyone knows about how to get those emails back it would be a blessing…

  16. Yeppers, got MicroShafted too…
    Opened my Live Hotmail today and discovered that I had only the most recent message (1!) in my inbox!!!!

    All this web 2.0 stuff..forget it, I’m sticking with local storage and apps.
    Fortunately I use Thunderbird with web mail extensions to access and store my web mail accounts locally.

  17. I hate live mail, it just gets spammed 24/7, it’s is better than it used to be a few years ago but it is no where near as good as Gmail.

    Also with my Gmail accounts I make sure I download all the emails via pop3 so I know I always have a copy and because there is some much space provided with gmail I can leave all the emails on the server incase my local copy is lost!

  18. Never understood why people use free email services for their important emails… first of all – aren’t you afraid of your privacy? Secondly – don’t blame others if the free services breaks. Get an own domain and email server instead for 2 Euros a month!

  19. Had the same thing happen to me. All my Outlook Express e-mails suddenly flipped into Windows Mail at a click of a button, and poof all the 2007 and 2008 e-mails are gone. 2005 and 2006 are all intact!
    Anyone one out there that can tells us all how to retrieve the lost e-mail?
    My inbox shows 550 mails, with 76 unopened…. I can see the 76 on the screen, but the 550 are nowhere to be found. HAve searched for days.
    DESPERATELY need to access these old e-mails. HELP !

  20. Oh I feel your pain. The same thing happened to me but with Yahoo a few months back. I had about 300 emails in my inbox and woke up to find them all gone. I frantically sent an email to yahoo, and managed to get a reply several days later and was informed that deletion on inboxes was standard practice! What?! Managed to get the imprtant emails back though, thank god.

  21. I used Windows Live because I wanted to copy all my e-mails to my normal ISP account so that I could bulk forward them. I cut and pasted them from Hotmail to my other e-mail account and the whole lot disappeared into the ether! VERY ANNOYING because they were for a legal dispute. Surely if they don’t cut and paste correctly they should just remain in the original Hotmail account, but NOPE apparently that is not a sensible option as far as Microsoft is concerned. I’m stopping using Hotmail for anything other than my junk mail address!

  22. This really sucks! I had same thing happen to me..logged into my hotmail account and found everything was deleted! WTF?

  23. I am a relative novice to the technical jargon. I use incredimail in my computer and through this I send,receive and store emails. I have been informed free access to my free hotmail account from my incredimail may soon cease (supposedly in june 2008 but still working at present – maybe because I refuse to download vista?)but separately there is an invitation to download WINDOWS LIVE MAIL for free. I am worried after all I have read here. Does this do the same job as incredimail or is it just some kind of desk top shortcut link?
    I have tons of important stuff stored in the incredimail and occasionally visit the hotmail site just to clear everything out or to work on when incredimails accasionally says it cannot access hotmail.
    Do I need to back up all my incredimail on a disk every day just in case it dies?
    Any simplified advice as to how I may best continue with my (so far) happy life with incredimail and hotmail would be very greatfully received.

  24. I can not tell you just how much I hate you people at Live. anything. You keep screwing up my e-mail, my messanger as well as all my e-mail addresses. i HOPE THAT YOU ALL ——–. i AM SURE THAT YOU HAVE RECIEVED MANY SUCH E-MAILS IN THE PAST AS EVERY PERSON THAT i KNOW HAVE EXPERIANCED PROBLEMS SINCE BECOMING INVOLVED WITH YOU. yOUR SERVICE sucks. I wish that I could use another systom but it seems that I am stuck with you idiots. I hate you people with a pasion.

  25. SOLUTION: I uninstalled Windows Live Mail and my previously deleted Yahoo mail went into Outlook 2003 where I could forward them back to myself. As a backup, I had previously emailed them all at once to myself and then File Save Attachments to my computer.

  26. same happened to me very recently. I used to login once every 3 or 4 months, no problem. On July 2008 they deleted everything and just kept that annoying “Welcome Email”. I will never trust microsoft online with anything

  27. I HATE hotmail. I am getting married in 2 weeks and went into my hotmail to get all the super old ‘first emails’ from my fiance to give to the best man and…. ALL GONE! I am so depressed. I feel like the entire history of our relationship is gone. All I have left is whats in my mind but emails from 3 years ago aren’t the easiest to recall!

    *sigh* I am NEVER using hotmail again.
    30 days, 60 days whatever the hell it is who gives a stuff… you could be in hospital for that long, you could have broken all your fingers, you could be in a detention centre somewhere, you could be kidnapped, you could be overseas and you still deserve to keep all your all emails… and you can’t even save them onto your harddrive. They are stuck in hotmail like a time bomb waiting to explode and send little tiny fragments of your personal life and memories into cyberspace never to be found again

  28. Hey guys…. it’s obvious that lots of us are having trouble retrieving lost e-mail from this long train of major complaints about Windows Mail, Hotmail, etc. But, surely there must be some major, clever dude out there that know how to resolve this problem and help is all out.
    This is a call for HELP to those who have the knowledge to assist, not just a major dumping ground of complaints that goes on and on and on. Believe me, i feel your pain. I HATE Windows Mail, just like the rest of ya!
    So, here it is again…I’m asking for URGENT help for ALL the people on this website who desperately need assistance with LOST E-MAIL, so this chain of complaints won’t continue forever until the end of time. Someone out there must have the answer!! Some clever technician who knows much more about computers than the rest of us. Where are you?

    So, sorry guys; abit of advice from a life coach here … One has to ask for what one wants, rather than continuing to complain about it forever. Let’s get together as a group and help resolve this issue. Any of you know a technician that you can direct to this site? Someone who can respond in a timely manner, as Katie is getting married in a few weeks. She really doesn’t need the added stress! :O)


  29. Suzanne,

    It’s nice of you to be concerned about getting a solution before my wedding but
    a) like the rest of you my emails are gone forever and theres nothing that can be done
    b) I have switched to gmail which is only marginally better but at least it doesn’t delete all your stuff or not yet anyway
    c) I have made many ‘suggestions’ to the Windows Live Hotmail team for those of you still trying to live with hotmail. I told them that they need to have easy access to information that tells people that not only can they delete stuff at their leisure if you don’t sign in but what ‘signing in’ actually means eg. you can’t just go through Windows Live Messenger like I mistakenly believed! And that they need to have a function whereby you can save the emails you want to your computer and finally
    d) I have realised that although those emails meant a lot to me they don’t really matter now in the long run. I am getting married in 4 days and what really matters is right now. If I was living 30 years ago and writing letters and my house burnt down in a bushfire I would have lost all the letters and had to move on. Anything that you completely trust to technology and the internet and a bunch of bozo’s in little cubicles with nothing better to do than delete peoples private emails while the scoff down Krispy Kreme Doughnuts can’t be that important to your ultimate direction in life or you would have printed it out or copied it into a diary. Well I will from now on. Live is about change and maybe losing all those emails was a good thing. I don’t need to dwell on the past. I have the future.

    Sorry for getting all philosphical on you all but I just think that the best thing we can all do it move on. We aren’t getting those emails back but we will all be smarter with our email from now on! And if there’s someone out there who can find a better way of emailing I will be all for it!

  30. Is any one else having trouble getting into their live.co.uk addresses at the moment??? I keep getting error on page. Have been trying on and off all week and cant get in. Any ideas gratfeully received.

  31. is that hotmail suck?

    i thought can both. i have one windows live email. microsoft won’t delete all my email saved forever. i called hotmail: stop deleting all my keeping contact. i like hotmail for personal but now i’m gmail all the way to stuff.

    that’s better hotmail is designed color.
    It’s cool live email!

  32. I got so fed up with the “Windows” scene that I changed over to Mac. OK, I still use Windows for some things – but everything of any importance goes via Apple Mac

  33. To recover mail deleted at the server would be pretty clever!
    I don’t like to entrust my files to a remote location so I use Windows Live Mail on which I have set up an account for my Hotmail
    Incoming Hotmail is then stored as .eml files at
    C:\Documents and Settings\\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Hotmail\Inbox
    (assuming you OS is on C)
    and I can easily backup any vital info by simply copying the file(s) to another drive. In fact I backup the whole Windows Live Mail folder and its subfolders in one drag & drop, having already deleted everything I don’t want to keep.

  34. I agree that is a horrible result (and yet another in a long run of bad news for Microsoft). I basically don’t like trusting anyone with that. I use Gmail and love it in many ways but I don’t trust Google to take as much concern over my emails as I do either (though I do trust them more than Microsoft).

  35. You’ve just illustrated one of the reasons why I won’t use Windows Live email client; I love the google facilities (and many of the other facilities which google’s offering). The best solution for me is to use one of my own pop3 email accounts as a throwaway so that I can use it and move on if the level of spam gets out of control. At least I have the opportunity then of saving the emails that I want to keep.

  36. Once again windows deletes valuable information no warning just delete as they go i run my home business from a hotmail account that i have had for 11 years there was a lot of important information stored in the old emails that is lost forever wont be happening again its off to gmail for me

  37. I would be extremely angry. I have some very important emails in my account and this would not bode well with me at all. I agree that Microsoft has really slipped and they still continue to stay on top. They need to make sure to pay better attention to details behind the scenes and stop worrying about making their products look state of the art.

  38. Exactly the same thing happened to me! AND it wasn’t the first time either. I would be furious if I thought about all the emails and contacts that are completely lost, but now I am just going to badmouth Windows Live Hotmail forever and stick with my gmail.

  39. Kevin Phoenix said:

    “I got so fed up with the “Windows” scene that I changed over to Mac. OK, I still use Windows for some things – but everything of any importance goes via Apple Mac”

    Hey Mr. Kevin

    You mean “I do everything important with Windows and I use Mac for some things”?

    I would like to swich to Mac, but I dont know what important things you can do with it.

    As for Outlook Email, there is a way to recover them. Look at the Microsoft Knowledge Base. You should find a detailed information about how to achieve this.

  40. About a week ago My hotmail account of 9 years just stopped working. It just goes to the “page not found” page. when I try to sign in or ask for help or even create a new account it goes back to that page. I also cant get into yahoo mail as well. It goes to the page not found page.

    I tried to download windowslive from the microsoft site. I get to the part where is says to click here to download…… it then goes to the f–king page not found page. I have no email whatsoever except myspace mail.

    I understand the service is free, so I cant complain too much. But I will not be using any microsoft email sevices ever again. I wish I could just get a list of my close contacts. I had about 30+. The hotmail site hadn’t been working very well for the last few months (really friggin slow) so I knew something was going to happen.

    And I will never EVER touch vista. I hate those f–king comercials!


  41. Hey blogger dude and other stupid people here…. just login once-in-a-while to your free hotmail account. I’ve had the same hotmail account for 10 years and never lost anything. I use the new windows live mail local client as well with NO problems. The one other smart person here is correct, all your hotmail will be saved as a local copy using this client, just backup the folders.

  42. Well like the rest of ya who found themselves on this thread, I just opened my hotmail account to find all of my emails, some dating as far back as 2001 gone into the black hole of the internet. I’m a little sad because I would have liked to keep them for nostalgia purposes to rekindle memories of my good old days of online gaming, had friends I only knew through emails that I haven’t spoken with in many years, now I have no way of ever contacting them again. Not a huge deal, I have long had been using yahoo! and sort of forgot to log into my hotmail account to maintain it. I don’t plan on ever using another hotmail email account since they have no problem wiping out people’s emails to save a few bucks. I feel bad for those who lost important emails to this. I’m not even going to bother to try to retrieve the lost emails, don’t really care that much.

  43. Same here! When the Windows Live Hotmail inbox thing got upgraded, all my files were deleted! OMG! I had saved all my friend’s home addresses, important phone numbers, plans and all of that, and now..all deleted..gone!Aarghh…

  44. I cant believe that you are still using hotmail, please switch to gmail and you will thank me for 100 years .

  45. I had been worried about it for the longest time, it happened to a friend of mine while she was in the hospital, I use hotmail too and after doing many searches, I think I’ve finally found a way to save emails from Hotmail and Windows Live to your PC. It requires the Windows Live Mail program from Windows Live. It can get a little tedious since you have to right click every message to save, but I think its worth it. Only drawback is, you need the Windows Live Mail program to read the messages 100% unchanged, I tried Mozilla Thunderbird, and it only showed the text on most emails.
    Go into Windows Live and set up your account information (even on an account not upgraded) and let it sync with your account. Then you can go into your inbox and whatever, and in the center column where the messages appear, choose a message and select “Copy to folder…”. In the little window make sure not to pick the regular inbox, but look under the mini tree for “Storage Folders” with the PC monitor icon and select the Inbox folder there. All files will be a “.eml” file.
    In Windows XP, you can find your Storage Inbox Folder at:
    (Drive):\Documents and Settings\(User)\Local Settings\Application Data\Microsoft\Windows Live Mail\Storage Folders\Inbox
    Local Settings is a folder that is Hidden, so make sure in Folder Options to make all your hidden folders visible.
    I’m currently working on backing up my emails using this method, I hope it helps!

  46. I do have bad experience with windows live hotmail. This is the second time that happens to me. In April 2008 I have had the same problem. Even though I have two offers, the first one is to have hotmail free and the second is to pay $19.95 yearly to have my emails at any time. I stilll can not read my emails until now. This problem occours since Sunday, December 7, 2008. I am not the first customer who has problem with windows live hotmail. I keep this account because many people know it more than 10 years.

  47. Oh excellent I see I’m not the only one out there. I had kept my hotmail account as a backup account, and had emails dating back to 1997 in it!!! Literally 11 years of memories, information, contacts, anything you want.

    Gutted. I wrote to them asking a clear explanation and the best they could give me was a link to their discussions/forum site. Talk about a lack of any kind of answer. Of course to discuss anything on their forum you have to sign up and give a whole lot of fresh info!

    Needless to say that I am never going near them again. I’ve been with Gmail for years.. I should have thought to backup hotmail on to it…

    Once again, gutted.

  48. Yes, the same thing happened to me with Hotmail. Seven years of emails deleted without warning. I am on Google gmail and happy. Even though, I am still paranoid. I keep a Yahoo mail account and a second Gmail account, and any important mail I forward to the other accounts (via bcc) at the time I send it.

  49. Yeah I feel your pain. Just had hotmail do the same thing to me. I don’t really care that I lost all my recent emails because clearly I don’t use that account often enough to check them anyway; however, I lost some old emails that had serious sentimental value. I guess that’s fate’s way of saying “move on, the past is over”? Ah, I liked my teenage years quite a bit and it’s nice to read up on some of those old conversations. But look at this old timer rambling on…

    I got burnt too, I’m sure there are many of us. Windows sucks. But it rules the computing world…sigh.

  50. Similair problem, windows xp installs service pack 3, deletes all e-mail, all my documents contents, and now I have to set up mail account settings again. WTF ? ALL THE IMPORTANT STUFF AND PERSONAL STUFF GETS DELETED.


    They did say make a backup ‘in case’ there is a problem with the installation, but they didn’t say, “Installing this will wipe away all personal information.”

    thanks microsoft

  51. i have always use incredible mail to read any of my new message, and realised that anttime i used it to read my mail it will Authomatically delete in my real mail box so i dicided to uninstalled it,which during the process all my message got deleted. All i want now is the way to get all my messages back into my mail box
    thanks you.


  52. They’ll delete your mail if you don’t use the account for an extended amount of time. I had it happen once. Never had it happen for any other reason. Doesn’t really bother me, I know that I have to login every so often to stop it from happening. Gmail is nice because it doesn’t do that, but I _hate_ gmail’s interface. I much prefer the Live Mail or Yahoo interface. Windows Live Mail will work with gmail & live mail which is nice (but not with Yahoo).

    All the in’s and out’s! 🙂

  53. i don’t understand what everyone is complaining about;
    first off you get these email services for free;
    second if you read the terms and conditions when first accepting your email registration, they have the right to delete inactive accounts after a certain time has passed, and the fact remains that all online email providers have this in their terms, gmail has it as well as yahoo, hotmail, windows live, and many others;
    now here’s something maybe you didn’t think of, obviously you weren’t expecting to be on your email for a time that may put your account/email in danger, so why didn’t you just use an away/vacation mode so that way nothing would happen to your email, it’s only a few button presses away

  54. I had 4 years of email on my account (may not seem like that long comapred to some of you other people but still they had a lot of sentimental value to me) all deleted today. The 60 day thing is BS, I had logged in no more than 1 month ago and all my emails were perfectly intact.

    oh well, another strike for MS.

  55. I am so sorry to sit and read so many tales of broken trust. I agree that we must use this blog as not onle our sounding board of disscontent but as a loud distress call for HELP. My first comment was not addressed to TOM but to LIVE.CA and because they could not be bothered with it they forwarded my complaints to TOM’S blog. They just could not be bothered to answer me and just dumpt a complaint of their services onto somebodies elses sight. That’s cold. I was losing the emails that I was still writing at the time, POOF GONE, every time that someone came on my “instant messanger” so now as soon as the instant messenger comes on I click it off and never use it ever. now I have have little problems since. The reason for my second comment is to point out that Hotmail/Live don’t give a dam. I am living proof of this. Good luck Tom and I hope that with the help of you and the many people that comment on your blog that we may find a way out of this mess. Thanks Tom for alowing us a space to be heard.

  56. Blimey! Are we still having this problem?
    Does no-one ever backup their important files?
    In Windows Live Mail this is so simple: File, Export, Messages, Windows Live Mail (or Microsoft Exchange)
    Then choose a folder for your backup
    Takes a few minutes only

  57. I had emails going back 8 or 9 years covering everything from financial transactions to nostalgic contacts which I forwarded to this account from numerous other accounts in preparation to downloading them and archiving them. I’ve used hotmail before without any problems, but after this I am truly **!!LIVID!!** with microsoft.

    And to those who are saying its our fault and we shouldn’t trust a free service or expect it to perform at ‘least’ adequately you’re not really helping at all so go elsewhere with your tough love logic. 🙂

    Oh well, a hard lesson learned I suppose. Definately going back to Yahoo (And paying particular attention to the expiration limits and fine print as well as someone’s truly good suggestion of using the vacation mode whenever I’m even considering on not checking my mail for for awhile.)

    ARRRRRRGGGHHH!!! Sorry, I just had one more yell left in there….*sigh*

  58. guess what…i lost all of my contacts today…i do not know how the heck it happened! Microsoft sucks!

  59. My Gmails got deleted one day… lots of important information 🙁 I use it every day

    Also Windows Mail has deleted emails before I got to read them grr

  60. When my five-year-old notebook finally crashed I was forced in Jan 2009 to buy a new machine which unfortunately came with Vista. And Vista replaced Outlook (which worked just fine under XP), well they replaced it with Windows Mail, which worked marginally, but had many features downgraded from Outlook.

    Guess what? The first email I got was from Microsoft itself, informing me that Windows Mail was so yesterday, and I needed to used Windows Live Mail. They purposely crippled Windows Mail so it could not hook up with Hotmail. But Windows Live Mail could hook up with Hotmail. Hint, hint.

    (Oh, and to add to the confusion, Windows Live Mail and Windows Live Hotmail are really two different things.)

    So now I’ve been using Windows Live Mail for a few weeks and I am amazed at how Microsoft keeps repeating the same mistakes.

    For example, I have a calender entry to remind me to set out the trash on Thursday or recycling on Monday. With Outlook these are color coded (same color as the two different barrels). With Windows Mail all you get is once color: red. But at least a reminder pops up on the screen at the appropriate time.

    With Windows Live Mail you can’t even get a pop-up reminder. All you can get is an email message sent to your own damn computer. And depending on the update frequency, you might get that reminder rather late.

    Sarcastically, I wanted to suggest that Microsoft FIRE the entire Windows Live Mail group, but based on how amateurishly this product is, it appears that they’ve already fired them, and the Windows Live Mail is the result of a fresh group of know-it-all programmers.


  61. BTW, Windows Live Mail is hooked up to gMail. Unfortunately, when you do a “Sync” it not only does a “Check for new messages” from gMail, but it insists on “Download all messages…” from every damn subfolder in gMail.

    Again and again. Over and over.

  62. All my old emails are gone. WTF is the point of increase mailbox size and features if you lose all the old important mails that you had…. INABILITY TO BACKUP OUR EMAIL ON THE UPDATE? PROBABLY OUT OF LAZINESS, EPIC FAIL, I DON’T USE MY HOTMAIL ANYMORE BECAUSE ITS UNRELIABLE. 30 days what? This is 2009, you can’t keep my email for more than 30 days with all the money you’re making? Correct me if im wrong I do see adds in my live mail hotmail account as well… how about compressing my account, disabling it, with notice, and renable later? Talk about retaining users, whats the use of new attractive features to bring us back when we have to start over? F THAT.

  63. BTW isn’t the whole reason to have mail online is so that we dont have to make a hard backup and lose it on our computers? The point about us not backing it up is kind of moot in itself. Yahoo and gmail has never deleted my mail without my consent. Just because its free doesn’t mean they dont have obligations to hold up a certain quality of service, and its not really free. They’re advertising on it. They package things into their OS that links up to it, though not forcing you to use it, certainly very persuasive. You are right in one thing, it is free, so we can drop our dependancy and use another service. The whole point of bringing it up is so that they are aware we’re F’ken pissed and not to do it again because it makes them look really really really really inadequate.

  64. OMG I just had that problem today! I lost over 5k messages and a good 2k of them were personal important messages I saved! WOW I hate Microsoft stupid a**h***s (excuse my language but I’m FURIOUS!)

  65. hey for those of you saying we should of known better, screw off! I log into my email everyday and tonght for the first time everything is gone………… I am so pissed I will never use hotmail again

  66. This screwed me completely I have had this going for 4years and tonight I lost all emails and very important info… Is there some one I could rip the throat out of at Microsoft Ass holes!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  67. ok I take it back, i found my emails thank goodnesss i don’t hate hotmail

  68. don’t trust hotmail for nothing….I just now send an e-mail to my friend with my hotmail account, left to go run some errands, came back and re-logged in to my hotmail account to find my entire inbox had been deleted with only the option of signing up for “windows live” remaining…


  69. i have always use hotmail, for like 8 years now. I link one other account and my campus mail to it. Tonight i went check my mail, and it saying that i don’t have a mail box. WTF. all my other passwords, login information and my school email, important stuffs, gone. are you kidding me. Please anybody had this problem before? What happened to my 3 mail box.?

  70. Well I guess that I am one of those people that just will not learn. I kept getting offers inviting me to upgrade to Windows 8 for free. So like the fool that I am, I downloaded it and now every time I go to my e-mail page I find that I have to type in each of my several e-mail addresses, hit “remember me” hit “remember my password” and yet every time I want to check another address I have to type in all of the information each and every time. GEE THANKS FOR THIS IMPROVED SERVICE.

  71. Windows Live is a horrible package of software. It’s like that really old movie – THE BLOB. It either eats up or destroys everything in its path.

    It works covertly on your PC – like a silent killer. Users beware, this software corrupts everything of value on your PC, and not just e-mail either. It runs scripts behind e-mail and steals your information. Microsoft Windows Live is a fraudulent advertiser in that you can download Windows Live free, on a trial basis, but it takes loads of technical dynamite to remove the roots and stumps.

    I downloaded the “free-trial” yesterday, and after I saw what was happening, I quickly began trying to recoup my losses. I have spent two whole days trying to repair the damages, but it is impossible to get rid of this program once it’s download.

    Bill Gates must be really money hungry to sanction this kind of PC thievery. I will be an annoying, aggravating, hemorrhoid to the Microsoft Windows people by phoning them non-stop until I get some help. In addition, these guys have never had a tongue lashing from their Paw like they’re going to get from me.

  72. No problems with my windows live last night, got up this morning, and everything is gone! WTF-I am very unhappy about this. I will never trust windows products again! Thankfully the emails are still on my gmail and vistaprint accounts, but I have no interest in re-signing up for windows live again. (should have known it was too good to be true) I had business folders on there and those are gone too. It only takes one lesson for me to learn, I’m done with whimpy window products.

  73. I know this years later, but I had no problems until siging in today, and yes all my mail is gone too. All my personalized folders and all my PURCHASED S.N. numbers of online software as well. No more WINDOWS anything for me in future. Is switching to MAC and saying goodbye to MicroShit forever.

  74. This is all great chit chat – doesn’t anyone have a solution? emails are being deleted on their own and they don’t go to deleted – just GONE! Windows Live mail. Any help??

  75. I am with you on this completely. I just signed into Hotmail a few days ago. I’ve had that account since June 2002. What do I see? A BIG ‘Welcome to Hotmail’ mail! And absolutely NOTHING else. All my mails from friends when I was in school – everything that was precious to me – it’s all GONE! I hate HOTMAIL. I hate it with a vengeance. I switched to gmail years ago, but then so many emotionally important mails were still with Hotmail. I sent them a mail today stating the problem, but knowing them, they’ll probably say something totally random and unhelpful. So all my mails dating back almost 10 years now, have been completely obliterated 🙁

  76. Hi there! Do you know if they make any plugins to protect against
    hackers? I’m kinda paranoid about losing everything I’ve worked hard on.
    Any recommendations?

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