Goodbye Cork blogger's dinner

The table
Photo of a previous blogger’s dinner in Proby’s

Conor O’Neill has very kindly decided to organise a goodbye Cork blogger’s dinner in honour of my imminent departure for Spain.

Conor is calling it the Hasta Luego Blogger Dinner (Hasta Luego is Spanish for Goodbye, in case you didn’t know)!

If you would like to join us for a bite to eat, a few drinks and a good time the dinner is this Tuesday the 17th in Probys bistro (afaik) at 7pm.

Head on over to Conor’s blog post and leave a comment there so he has a rough idea of numbers to book, but given that it is a Tuesday night, even if you are late signing up, come along anyway. I don’t see the restaurant turning away patrons!!!

Thanks Conor for organising this for me. Much appreciated.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Cork blogger's dinner”

  1. Hi Tom,

    I found your blog through an old link for your post about your trip to Spain. I left a long comment as the same thing happened to me. I said I hope your children are feeling better, not realising that the post was made in January. If they are not feeling better after five months that would be the worst case of Deli belly in history, lol.

    I also read your post about Zemanta, so I am off to down load it when I finish this.

    On a side note, it would be great if you had some kind of side bar, trying to work through 200 plus posts is hard work, even if worth while.

    Take care – I’m off to download Zemanta

  2. Good luck in Spain.
    Stories I’ve heard about the Rafterys suggest that there is Spanish blood in the veins from long ago.

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