Lisbon Treaty exit poll

I voted in the Lisbon Treaty this morning. Probably my last time voting in this country (as I am moving to Spain next week!).

I’m curious, if I run a poll here and enough people respond truthfully, we should get an accurate exit poll!

So, if you voted in the Lisbon Treaty, how did you vote?

How did you vote in the Lisbon Treaty?
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[Update] Apologies, I accidentally closed the poll earlier when trying to make it legible in IE6!!!

Open again now.

[Disclaimer – obviously this is totally unscientific but it will be fun to compare the answer here with the final answer tomorrow]

18 thoughts on “Lisbon Treaty exit poll”

  1. I’m surprised to see the early trend head towards Yes. Although a vote count of 32 is not quite representative yet. 🙂

  2. Not sure where the Spanish is coming in to it Branedy, Lisbon is in Portugal, not Spain and the treaty was negotiated under the Irish presidency, wasn’t it?

  3. Hey, may I add the four members of my family whom I know voted No as well? And despite conventional wisdom that says nobody pays attention or cares about these things and that the electorate is apathetic: as I walked through the main street of Bray today I passed various knots of people talking about the Treaty, also in the Library, and yesterday at my gym. When I shouted to a friend across the street, “don’t forget to vote NO!” a young man came up to me and asked “Why are you voting NO?” We had a discussion about it then and there. Having voted YES, he was eager to chat and discover my reasons for voting NO. I’m really proud to be Irish today. Given that we apparently have the only democratic constitution in Europe, I think we are living up to our responsibilities.

  4. I voted No, and I’ve 450 Million reasons for doing it 😉

    This whole issue is not a great model for ‘european democracy’ is it.

    I hope No just grab it, the E.U is fine at present for us in particular. All this talk of tackling climate change, child trafficing and everything else is rubbish- surely it can do is in its current structure?

    2005- VOTEZ NON
    2008- VÓTÁIL NÍL

  5. I voted no for Irish sovereignty, to show solidarity with the peoples of France and Holland, and to protest against the refusal of the govt to control immigration.

  6. My (Irish) girlfriend was explaining this to me earlier.
    She said that, while she’d have voted ‘no’ on principle, she thinks Ireland as a whole will vote ‘no’ to be obstinate!
    I’m afraid I don’t know much about the issue (being a non-EU Brit), but if the rest of Ireland is anything like Lisa I can imagine exactly that happening!

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