Web 2.0 Toolset presentation

I gave a talk yesterday for the members of it@cork titled “The Web 2.0 Toolset – a business focussed overview

There were around 70 people in attendance and feedback afterwards was very positive.

Here is a copy of the presentation I gave. I hope to have a video of the presentation live by tomorrow.

8 thoughts on “Web 2.0 Toolset presentation”

  1. […]Tom (who currently has posted a presentation about Web 2.0 toolset for business for those of you who just can’t get enough – looking forward to video of same) insightfully suggests [in today’s Irish Independent Digital Ireland Supplement] that Microsoft’s purchase of Facebook was strategic: “The only logic to paying US$240m [for a 1.6% share] was to get Facebook valued beyond anyone else’s reach”. Mmm liking the taste of the wine from that poisoned chalice, Facebook?[…]

  2. having attended your presentation on Web2.0 I was inspired to setup a blog for our local rowing club in Killorglin, Co Kerry. I had planned on setting up a website using something like Drupal but the blog idea with associated flickr and youtube accounts is great! Thanks.
    Checkout http://killorglinrowing.wordpress.com 🙂


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