Live Maps Bird's Eye now includes (some) Irish towns

Via Clare Dillon the Virtual Earth blog and Martha Rotter on Twitter I spotted that Microsoft’s Live Maps now includes images of Cork, Galway, Carlow, Limerick, Navan & Wexford – cool!

The Bird’s Eye button becomes active when you are over an area that Microsoft has detailed aerial imagery of.

The image below is of Cork City Hall. You can rotate and zoom to see it from other angles and sizes! Way cool.

Live Maps Bird's Eye view of Cork City Hall

According to Clare’s blog post, Dublin will be up soon as well.

4 thoughts on “Live Maps Bird's Eye now includes (some) Irish towns”

  1. Bird’s Eye is my favourite feature of Live Maps. Gotta count as one up on Google!

  2. I am typically a google user and I’ve messed around with google earth but the clarity and closeness of live maps is scary.

  3. can anyone find a coverage map of birdseye view for ireland?

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