Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 not very wireless!

I bought a Microsoft Wireless Laser Keyboard 6000 V2.0 a few weeks back because I needed an ergonomic keyboard (was suffering from an RSI) and went wireless to avoid cable clutter.

However, I have had lots of issues with the reception on the wireless devices. They report poor signal quality when 2-3 centimeters apart!

Low signal quality?

How hard can it be to get a keyboard and mouse working wirelessly? Apple have been doing this properly for ages. Of course Apple use Bluetooth instead of some bloody proprietary wired dongle which doesn’t work, takes up a USB port and adds a large cable to your desktop!

If only Apple did an ergonomic keyboard…

I was bemused then to note today that Microsoft are bringing out the Wireless Laser Keyboard 7000. It has a glass border around the keyboard to maintain the Vista Aero branding.

I only hope they remember to get the wireless part functioning this time!

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  1. I’ve had similar issues with the MS kit I bought in the past, ended up checking the box in Windows to tell it not to report the problem any more and it seems to work alright butI don’t get low connectivity warnings. Sadly Apple haven’t yet gotten around to that curvy keyboard.

  2. I had one and you shouldn’t have them so close together. A foot or more apart is best.

    There is also a BlueTooth version of that wireless keyboard/mouse. It is much better than the USB dongle one (I had the USB dongle one and switched to the BlueTooth one.)

  3. @Paul thanks for that – I have moved them further apart now.

    I looked at a Bluetooth version but it didn’t have any indication on it that it would work with Mac OS X whereas all the other dongle ones had a Mac OS X icon on the side of the box πŸ™

  4. hmm good point about BlueTooth on Mac OS X. I was using it with my old Windows XP box, not my MacBook Pro and don’t have it around anymore to test.

    Even a foot-or-more apart I found the USB dongle susceptible to all sorts of interference. Mobile phones, microwave ovens, other computers (especially rack servers) and even the neighbour’s electric mower. I had to use the “change/sync channel” buttons often, twice a day sometimes. At one point it became unusable as my co-workers Dell desktop emitted something that completely confused my keyboard. I’d end up with a screen full of the letter K. Switch off his computer and it worked fine, switch it on and the keyboard went nuts. I switched to the BlueTooth version at that point which solved all issues.

  5. Oh, for God’s sake!

    Mind you seeing as I couldn’t get my Microsoft XBox360’s WLAN adaptor to see my wireless router, I shouldn’t be surprised at Microsoft’s inability to get their wireless hardware to work.

  6. I’ve got one of these MS ‘Wireless’ yokes too. Another problem I’ve noticed (on top of the ones you’ve already mentioned) is when using both wireless mouse and keyboard at the same time — shift+click, for example, or running around with the keyboard while aiming with the mouse in a computer game — often just doesn’t work. Like it can only accept one signal at a time.


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  8. Well I am not havina low signal problem what I am gettins is when I type the STUPID thing is goin back to the beginning all on its own so what a mess I am having heck no one can even understand what I am typing when this happens. I will be typing along and all of a sudden I am back at the beginning and still continuing along with the same sentence.. I have already returned one keyboard n mouse now this new one is doin the same thing.. HELPPPPP!!!! Has any one else had trhis problem ?? I am running Good Ole Vista..


    I have one and I have a nightmare of a time with it. Harvey Norman say the issue is with Microsoft, Microsoft say the issue is with the retailer (Harvey Norman).

    It’s still under warranty, yet I cannot get my money back.

  10. I agree – my second keyboard and mouse and for no apparent reason the keyboard fails. The utility tells me that signal is fine and that it is working properly – but it aint.

  11. >@Paul thanks for that – I have moved them further apart now.

    Sounds like you’re defeating the purpose now though πŸ™‚

    Ergonomically speaking, your mouse and keyboard should be as close to each other as possible.

  12. @John B: It’s not the mouse and keyboard that need to be apart. It is the wireless transmitter that needs to be more than a few feet from the keyboard and mouse.

  13. Tom, I have just come across your issues with the Microsoft keyboard & mouse and you have my sympathy! I bought this set about 18 months ago, I ditch the mouse around six frustrating months later after running out of throw-able objects within reach of the computer following many painstaking issues with the mouse freezing in Photoshop. I replace it with a Bluetooth Logitech mouse following the pain free experience of a similar one I use with my lap top.

    As for the keyboard I have been searching various oracles in the hope of finding the mathematical formula that gives the exact distance required between the keyboard and dongle thing so that when I type I get words rather than a random series of letters and spaces! Obviously the formulae needs to take into account the humidity, ambient temperature, the thickness & material of your desk, what day of the week it is and what your best friends cat had for breakfast 2 days ago…. Good luck!

  14. What gets me is that all the manufacturers want to get on board and produce wireless keyboards, making it impossible to find a good wired ergonomic keyboard. All I really wanted was an ergonomic keyboard, and I ended up buying this piece of crap! I do not like the β€œv-model” type like the Microsoft Natural, so my choices are few and far between. Does anyone have any suggestions for a good wired ergonomic keyboard?


  15. Nancy, I am having the same problem. The only time my keyboard will work correctly is if I restart it. Even then it only works for a little while.

    Any help? BTW it took 5 minutes to write this. Cursor keeps going to the begining.

  16. I need help too with my microsoft laser desktop 6000. I just bought it 6 months ago, used for 1 month, now it’s not working. I went to the store but said they can not replace the unit. Why are they selling this poor quality desktop. I expect this is ok because it’s expensive but not. I am completely disappointed.

  17. Yes. It’s sad I didn’t check these reviews before I bought this thing. I love the way the keyboard feels…BUT THAT’S IT. Otherwise this MS Wireless 6000 set is SHIT. Definately NOT worth the money. I wish I had done more research. If anyone can recommend a nice ergonomic style keyboard that WORKS without delays and such…plz reply. Very disapointed people sell this and disapointed with MS.

  18. I ditto the above. I replaced the keyboard once and the second one lasted about as long as the first: 1 month. Pure crapola!

  19. Success!
    I searched and found a driver. Downloaded it and now the keyboard works. Odd that it worked with the default O/S driver for a while and then quit but I’d suggest you try the new driver. It’s the Intellitype Pro 6.3 driver. I found it by searching for the keyboard model number or you could use the above driver name.
    Good luck.

  20. I was able to get this to work by setting the dongle very high in a vertical orientation to the keyboard. It was stangely the only way in which keys responded quickly and properly…still not much range though. Expected much better. Cheers.

  21. I also purchased one of these keyboards, and I am also disappointed–albeit mildly. After a seemingly endless time of frustration I found that if you frequently sync the keyboard and mouse with the transceiver (by frequently I mean about once an hour) then they work fine. Here are some things that I found:
    > It has problems with connectivity–in other words, what you type on the keyboard doesn’t always appear on the screen.
    >Interestingly enough, it does seem to register that I press a key. It has prompted me to turn on “Sticky keys” when I repeatedly try to type a capital letter and it doesn’t show up.
    >I don’t think that it has anything to do with my computer, everything works fine with a normal keyboard.
    >When I use the mouse and keyboard at the same time, the two signals sometimes cancel each other out.
    >I have found that having the USB thing NEAR the keyboard helps a little bit.
    >All my problems go away when I sync everything.
    >Other than that, it is a good keyboard.
    >7/10, would be 10/10 without the problems.
    >Hope this helps πŸ™‚ Cheers

  22. I have the same keybord… never had a single problem with the connections… but now after half a year with perfect perfomance!!!
    Now it just wont type… I was in the midtle of a skype chat when suddently the keybord taps stops responding… I checked signal. and batteri level, everything was fine, I have reinstaled intore software.. no improvements… Only half a year, and the keybord stops working in the middtle of a chat?? It was the BEST keybord I have ever had, but now it is worthless πŸ™

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