LCD TV sales surpass CRT for first time in Q4 07

I read a report this morning which said that in the fourth quarter of ’07, sales of LCD TV’s passed CRT for the first time:

LCD TVs captured a 47% share of the global TV market, which reached 60.8 million units in the fourth quarter of the year. CRT TVs held a 46% share while RPTVs and plasma display panel (PDP) TVs are estimated at 7%.

The only thing which surprised me about this report was the fact that 46% of people are still buying CRT’s! With the imminent move to HDTV, why would anyone investing in a TV now buy one that will be hopelessly out of date in a few short years (not to mention the far larger footprint of CRTs)?

11 thoughts on “LCD TV sales surpass CRT for first time in Q4 07”

  1. Certainly it was why I bought a CRT last year. That and it fit the tv stand I already had. And I didn’t have any HDTV. And it was ‘good enough’, thanks.

  2. Even if you did want to buy a CRT it is becoming very hard to find them. If you go into any of the retail shops, all you will see are LCD and Plasma TV’s, not a CRT in sight.

  3. yup, price. And a weariness of keeping up with the latest technology be paying through the nose for it. How good a picture do I need to enjoy ‘the wire’? Looks fine on my ANCIENT CRT.

  4. and the fact that 720p used to be “the” thing cos 1080p was megaexpensive. now 1080p is affordable for first worlders and I’m kinda wondering if 2160p will be round the corner or something

    CRTs are piss cheap. So cheap, the ones I have were given to me.

    (that, and the fact I can’t justify buying a LCD TV which is essentially going to be a LCD monitor with a really low resolution)

  5. As others have noted, CRTs cost a lot less than nearly any other display for a TV signal. Plus, if you run your CRT all day, you might be able to keep th heat turned down in the room where the screen radiating warmth.

  6. A lot of people subscribe to cable and satellite, so they are not concered if their TV is HD ready or not.

  7. I subscribe to cable and do not see why I need to by a HD TV. How will it help me?

  8. Only 7% for plasmas. I am suprised at that, I thought their market share would be around 50% plus. I knew that LCD’s were popular, but with them having an advantage upto around 36″, I thought that Plasma’s would be more popular with 40″ plus being really popular in size.


  9. “why would you want a CRT?” Maybe because there is no inexpensive LCD/Plasma that can even come close to the clarity and blacks that my HD CRT can produce, and sports/action footage is actually clear on my CRT. I rather watch sprting events on my 32″ CRT than my parents 52″ LCD…

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