Off to Le Web3

I’m heading to the Le Web3 conference this week to deliver a talk on using technology (energy demand management) to reduce carbon footprints.

This comes from our work in CIX on delivering a hyper energy-efficient data centre and my working with Synergy Module (an energy management startup).

If you are going to the Le Web3 conference, I’d love to meet up. Drop me a mail ( or send me a text (+353-86-384 0828).

2 thoughts on “Off to Le Web3”

  1. I know you’ll be offsetting the carbon from the flight as well 😉

    Had an idea / suggestion seeing as you’ll be moving shortly: have you thought about blogging in Spanish as that’s (partly) your new target market? I’m sure you’ve more than a ‘cupla focal’, and Google Translate could do the rest …

    Think ‘Dora the Explorer’ , but blogging (!)


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