OS X Leopard hacked to run on PCs

With Apple’s move to Intel chips for its Macs, the last significant difference in the hardware architecture between Macs and PCs disappeared. This meant that Apple’s much vaunted OS X operating system is designed to work on PC hardware.

Leopard, Apple’s latest version of OS X was released on Friday 26th last and in just over 24 hours, a hack to allow Leopard to be installed on PCs has been published.

The installation is not trivial but the instructions are very easy to follow and it certainly looks do-able.

No doubt Apple will quickly release an update (10.5.1) which will address this but in the meantime, all you non-Mac users, enjoy a secure, reliable, easy to use OS on your choice of Intel-based hardware.

3 thoughts on “OS X Leopard hacked to run on PCs”

  1. Nothing would be more disastrous for Microsoft than for OS-X being released to all PC’s, and nothing could be more disastrous for Apple than to release OS-X for all PC’s.

    You choose.

  2. I think it may be a little irresponsible to describe a hacked version of an operating system as “reliable”.

    But that’s just me.

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