WordPress 2.3, K2 RC2 crashing Safari 2 resolved

Since I updated this blog to WordPress 2.3 and K2 RC2, I have been having reports that the blog crashes Safari (but only Safari 2, not Safari 3).

Today I think I sorted the problem.

I switched the blog from using the native WordPress’ Widgets to manage the sidebar to using K2’s Sidebar Manager and now the crashing seems to have stopped.

I’m not sure why the WordPress Widgets was causing the blog to crash Safari 2 but if you are having this problem, try switching to using the K2 Sidebar Manager.

It worked for me.

6 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3, K2 RC2 crashing Safari 2 resolved”

  1. K2 isn’t really necessary for a blog. I use Google Search Widget to show my readers any search queries.

    Plus, you can integrate Adsense, and earn a few silver nickels if they don’t find what they’re looking for.

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