WordPress 2.3 upgrade breaks RSS feed

Sean McNamara alerted me via the comments on this blog that my RSS feed was broken (thanks a million Sean). I sorted that out this morning so it should be good again and Google Reader is certainly having no problem seeing my posts now.

So what happened? To be honest, I’m not entirely sure (!) but I think it had more to do with my FeedBurner account than WordPress, per se.

The sequence of events was along the lines of

Then I saw Sean’s comment. Uh oh! I went over to Google Reader and sure enough no posts for the last couple of days were present, d’oh!

I checked back my FeedBurner Plugin config and while all seemed ok, when I checked the “create a FeedBurner feed for …” link, it looks like that the updated plugin created a new feed for the blog.

This meant I had to head over to the FeedBurner site and set up the new feed from scratch – a considerable annoyance. All my stats on my old feed are no longer associated with the new one.

Strictly, this wasn’t a WordPress issue, more of a left-field issue associated with upgrading the FeedBurner plugin. However, the lack of support by WordPress for older plugins is the only reason I upgraded – triggering the loss of my RSS feed.

5 thoughts on “WordPress 2.3 upgrade breaks RSS feed”

  1. I actually had no problem with my upgrade and feedburner using version 2.2 of Feedsmith, then again that is the latest version, so perhaps its just when you upgrade before installing the latest version of the plugin? Not a problem at all at notifying you though! Was wondering why you had gone so quiet! 😛

  2. Have been having same problems. Seems 2.3 and FeedBurner (even after upgrade) have problems.

    I will drop FeedBurner/FeedSmith for now and see if problem persists.

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