You wait for ages then along come three!


I have read a lot about how great the iPhone is but I hadn’t seen any until last Friday; and then I saw three!

I was at a lunch in Cork with Britt Blaser and Sean O’Mahoney (amongst others). Both had iPhones.

I had a chance to try the phone out for myself and see just why people rave about it. It is spectacular.

Later that day I met Patrick Collison. Patrick also had an iPhone.

He was meeting Damien and myself. During the meeting he had to leave us briefly to collect someone. He left his iPhone for us to play with. It really is an incredible phone (although Patrick, after about 25 minutes the sound deteriorates on calls to the speaking clock in Hong Kong 😉 ).

There is no question but that Apple have re-defined the mobile phone.

7 thoughts on “You wait for ages then along come three!”

  1. Absolutely. And it is very much a phone you have to hold in your hands and try before you realise just how good it feels and how good that UI is.

  2. More importantly Tom and as I’ve always said it would, Apple are re-defining how most people perceive mobile data and how it’ll be consumed. Most Mobile experts who don’t get the Web, are being dragged kicking and screaming into the new world we live in.

  3. And thank the flying spaghetti monster for that, Paul. We’ve “iphone enabled” a bunch of web projects here and found it a far more pleasant experience than using Symbian/J2ME/BREW. It isn’t the same for sure and it isn’t a replacement but it does go a long way. So long as you are working over WiFi of course.

    Interestingly most of the “iphone enabled” apps we’ve done work pretty well on the Nokia N95 too. Not the same touch interface but rendering and functional capability is up there.

  4. 11/12/07

    Hi all;

    Tom Raftery is quite a genius.

    Like myself, also Tom Raftery, we are remarkable people.

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