Nokia N95 initial impressions

Courtesy of Paul Giltinan of Choice Communications, I have a loan of a Nokia N95 to try out for the next couple of weeks – excellent!

The first thing which strikes you when you pick up the N95 is how light it is. It is quite bulky (99 x 53 x 21 mm), so you expect it to be heavier than its 120g.

The next thing which hits you is the quality of the 2.6″ screen. At 240 x 320 pixels and up to 16 million colours it is the same resolution as my E65 but because of the larger size, it just looks way better!

A lot has been written about the poor battery life of the N95 but I haven’t found that to be the case. That may be because the N95 and the E65 use the same battery and I am used to its short life (!) but I suspect it has more to do with my not having the Wireless Scanning enabled.

The one time the battery levels did drop sharply was when I was following my Twitter Stream over 3G (instead of the usual WLAN at home).

The GPS application which ships with the phone is of limited use as it can never seem to find the satellites!

I tried a Fring call using the Skype client on the phone today to Conn O’Muinechain but the call quality was appalling and we had to revert to a normal call. This is more likely a problem with Fring, or Fring’s Skype implementation than the N95.

The camera in the phone takes very high quality pics (see photo below) and video but be aware that the 160 onboard memory will run out quickly. You will need to supplement it with a Micro SD memory card (it supports up to 2gb).

The bi-directional slider and the way the screen flips from portrait to landscape automatically is very impressive.

Overall, the N95 is a lovely phone and if I could afford it…

N95 test pic

8 thoughts on “Nokia N95 initial impressions”

  1. About to pick either the N93i or N95 – any help in making the final decision would be great!

    Both very pricey…

  2. Hi Tom,

    The coolest thing I found with the N95 was in the first two minutes. I was going from a Nokia E 50 to the N 95 and by turning on bluetooth on each it allowed me to transfer every detail from my E 50 to the N95 including recent missed calls, received calls, contacts pictures, text’s, the lot all in about 5 minutes. This can be done with compatible Nokia phones.


  3. Hi! i am using nokia 6600. I now want to change to another model. Having heard about N95 from you, it is useful information for be to buy that because the picture quality is haigh as you said. Thank you for this information.

  4. what a load of bullshit..i konow from pesonal experiances with the N95 that it is the shitest phone in the world.
    the nokia 6300 is wat you should be getting. it is slim and smooth the bad thing about it that when you drop it it marks easy but if you take care of it that wont happen.

    dont but the shitest phone in the world cause you will also be buying the fatest phone in the world (N95) and about pic well i think that it is full of b b b b bullshit. it is so easy to tell that it has been retouched.

  5. The Nokia N95 8GB delivers a knockout blow to the competition. It offers so much more than its sublimely attractive dark exterior, which merely hints at the wealth of ingenuity and depth that lurks inside this absolute gem of a mobile phone. FAT

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