LinkedIn to open api – are they too late?

I wrote a post last week mentioning Facebook’s open api and contrasting it to LinkedIn and today I read that LinkedIn CEO, Reid Hoffman has said that LinkedIn will be opening their api to developers in the next nine months.

This is a necessary move on LinkedIn’s part as they are seeing their users desert their platform and move en masse to Facebook.

Nine months though guys? Come on, surely you can get something together before then. What kind of lead will Facebook have achieved in that time?

4 thoughts on “LinkedIn to open api – are they too late?”

  1. I agree Tom, 9 months? I honestly thought it was a typo when I first saw it.

    If they actually are going to take that long, what is the point in annoucing it now? Its a bit of a head-scratcher for me!

  2. All it will take for Facebook to surpass Linkedin as the business networking site is the right application.

    We think Kuhnektid is that application.

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