Nokia N95 availability in Ireland

I was looking around this morning for Irish mobile operators who stock the Nokia N95.

  • I asked O2 and they said they will be stocking it in a number of weeks and couldn’t give me an idea of a price point. However, I have it from an unofficial source that they will offer it for €399 for the Active Life 250 plan.
  • I asked 3Ireland and they told me that it had failed their network tests and so they wouldn’t be selling it for the moment! and
  • I asked Vodafone and Vodafone are selling it currently. The shop I was in (Oliver Plunkett St., Cork) didn’t have any in stock but can order it in. For the Perfect Fit 200 plan they sell the N95 for €439.

Online it is available from Expansys for €739.95 and from Mobilefly from €619.32

8 thoughts on “Nokia N95 availability in Ireland”

  1. I’m holding out for a sim free E90. They’ve pushed it out to mobile operators but no sign of an unlocked version yet.

    The camera on the N95 looks so much better than my N80 though.

  2. the phone is better then i phone i know that for sure
    but the battery suks big time, its been said that the battery only lasts for 3 hours max thats suks man

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