11 thoughts on “How to get a Nokia N95 for review”

  1. You’re not going to like the battery life of the first generation N95 handsets. Unless you actively manage the phone by shutting down the network connectivity of background applications, you’re going to drain the phone on long work days.

  2. Flip. If you added a question mark to the header it might be more accurate – as it was I thought you were posting on “how to” not “how do I?”



  3. Battery life is pretty poor alright. And they are quite complicated beasts to master. I figured out that if you sniff for WIFI that service stays active and battery goes ‘vamoosh’ in the blink of an eye (well a few hours later anyhow :-)).

  4. @Richard – I have an E65 and I quickly realised too that I needed to turn off the wifi sniffing on it for just that reason!

    @Ed – I bought my E65 to use as a phone (and I really like it apart from a few very small niggles). I want to get an N95 to review and compare to the E65. I’m not prepared to buy it just for that when I’ve just splashed out for the E65.

    @Dennis – how are you liking it?

  5. From Mr Scoble this morning 🙂

    Mauricio Idarraga at Puremobile.com sent me a Nokia N95. He wrote in the letter that came with the phone:

    My name is Mauricio Idarraga and I am the Ecommerce Manager at PureMobile. I read your blog almost every day, that’s how I found out that you wanted an N95.

    We don’t expect anything in return, but if you could tell your friends we sent it to you, that would be really cool.



  6. Hi Tom,

    Just finished my first blog on the N95 thanks to your training, even i think its boring, but its a start, find it at http://thegilt.blogspot.com/

    I am away for a few days but you are more than welcome to try out my N95 and see what you think. I have plenty of other phones to mess around with.

    If Ok i will drop it out to you next Wednesday morning.


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