Reflections in Bilbao

I’m sitting in the cafe of my hotel in Bilbao, sipping a cortado waiting for my lift to the airport to fly home.

The sun is shining, a refreshing breeze is blowing, I’m looking at the Nervion flowing by lazily and the ediface of Gehry‘s incredible Guggenheim Museum is shimmering in the light.

I’m very far from Cork.

I think I will enjoy another coffee in this wondrous setting before I have to leave.

3 thoughts on “Reflections in Bilbao”

  1. Wow, what a cool looking hotel. I’ve been thinking about a trip to that part of Spain for a while and now I know where I’ll be staying!

  2. The hotel was great James – one warning though, the free wifi didn’t work in my room (no signal) and reception were out of cat5 cables, so if you are bringing a laptop, bring an ethernet cable with you, just in case!

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