Nokia E65 quick review

My Nokia E65 arrived today and it is even nicer in reality than the site would have you believe!

My first impressions of the phone are very positive although I did get a fright when iSync told me it doesn’t support the E65 – eeek, how am I going to synchronise all my contacts and calendars? Fortunately after a quick search I found that Nokia have a downloadable script which will update iSync to synchronise with the E65.

The handset is beautiful (I went for the Mocca model) and the screen resolution is amazing (240 x 320) in a phone so small (105 x 49 x 15.5 mm).

The desktop and keyboard are extremely well thought out giving quick and easy access to the most frequently used functionality.

The phone is also very responsive. Previous Nokia models would take one or two seconds to open a new blank text. The E65 opens it almost instantly.

Where I am based in Rushbrook, the Vodafone network coverage is poor but the E65 seems to handle the low coverage better than either the N70 or the E61. There is a notable improvement in call quality.

The built-in wifi, one of the main reasons I decided on the E65, has been working exceptionally well. Despite working very closely with Truphone support we were unable to get the E61 to receive incoming calls on my US landline number. However, the E65 hs no trouble getting calls on my US number (so far!).

The only downsides of the phone I have found, so far, are the lack of games on the phone and the poor quality of the camera. But, at least it does have a camera. This was another factor in my deciding to buy this model.

Overall, I’m extremely happy with the phone and would recommend it to anyone.

7 thoughts on “Nokia E65 quick review”

  1. I would be interested in hearing how the battery holds up using the Wifi.

    I wonder whether it will last 12 hours on a charge with moderate Wifi voice usage.

  2. Vincent,

    I have wifi on constantly on my E65. I’m not always using it but it is on and connected to the network at all times. The battery has no problem lasting 24 hours.

    The main shortcomings of the E65 are its camera is pretty poor (despite being rated at 2mb, it is nowhere near the quality of the 2mb N70); and the fact that it has no games pre-loaded.

    Other than that I love it!

  3. Hi, just got a E65 on three and it’s the worst phone ever. Why say it’s got wifi but they charge you £180 a year to use it….

  4. Ben,

    in all fairness, the £180 charge is levied by three, not by Nokia. So it is not the phone which is bad, but the fact that three charge you £180 to use wifi on it.

    I bought my E65 sim-free so I wouldn’t have to pay any of the operators to use wifi on the phone.

  5. Ben,

    Do you mean they charge you for 3G access? I don’t understand how someone could charge you for wifi access. Surely wifi access is not the operators business?

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