Ask for Fairtrade coffee

Martin McMullan, from the Highpoint Group was one of the other speakers at the Events Day Conference I spoke at a couple of weeks back.

Martin showed the following video and then made the point that at any restaurant or event we attend, we should specifically ask for Fairtrade coffee. tried this yesterday when I was in Luigi Malone’s in Cork and there was no Fairtrade coffee available. I subsequently contacted Don, the owner and suggested he add a Fairtrade coffee option to the menu.

Luigi’s is the venue for the Cork OpenCoffee Club – it would be great to see a Fairtrade option at the next OpenCoffee.
I know that if I had the option, I’d choose a Fairtrade coffee. Would you?

5 thoughts on “Ask for Fairtrade coffee”

  1. I am lucky enough to be on a campus that has Fairtrade-only as a policy; and also, I buy my own stash accordingly. However, I’ve noticed that quite a lot of cafés, suppliers etc have a relatively limited approach – e.g. they offer four flavours of coffee and then just ‘Fairtrade’ as a fifth option (without reference to flavour) or they offer fairtrade for black coffee but are unsure what is used for the espresso-based drinks! So yes, I do too, but find that it’s easier to do so when there’s a slightly higher-level decision (like campus-wide); I believe M&S are moving towards ‘everything being Fairtrade’ at least in tea/coffee.

    Pester-power, especially for events like OpenCoffee, is remarkably effective though! It’s similar to how vegetarian options have expanded here, or how kosher-options are ubiquitous in many parts of the US and Canada.

  2. Daithí – good to hear M&S may be going to ‘everything being Fairtrade’. Currently I but my coffee in Tesco and they generally have Fairtrade options – even for ground decaf (I like a blend of caf and decaf)!

    It’ll be interesting to see if we can make this fly for Luigi’s, or find another venue which has a Fairtrade option, if not.

  3. Apparently they have by now converted all tea/coffee ranges to Fairtrade although there may be some older stock still selling. They are now on to other products.

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