Eamon O’Brien – great to meet you again!

Eamon O’Brien was a neighbour of mine as a kid. Eamon is a couple of years older than me but we knew each other well. Before yesterday, I hadn’t seen Eamon in around 15 years but his mother and mine were very close so I was always kept up-to-speed on Eamon’s goings on.

In the way that these things happen in a country as small as Ireland, Eamon O’Brien was at the Events Day Conference I was speaking at yesterday and we managed to have a chat, catch up and swap contact info so it won’t be another 15 years before we meet again.

Now, can I get Eamon to blog or join Twitter, or Second Life or some other Social Network so we can stay in closer touch from now on? That’s what this medium is all about, building and fostering relationships.

3 thoughts on “Eamon O’Brien – great to meet you again!”

  1. “going forward”?! Tom, you disappoint me with this, and all the more so becuase you don’t usually disappoint me in your prose. To much tech-speak is simply reheated cliché and recycled management jargon, and the great stength of your blog is that you usually manage to avoid it. But “going forward” is the worst kind of jargonistic cliché – jargon because it is a management coinage; clichéd because it is an overused phrase; and the worst kind because it is egregiously meaningless gibberish masquerading as English. From now on, why not use “from now on” instead?

  2. Eoin,

    thank you for pulling me up on this on quickly – put the slip down to sleep deprivation (bad cold and two young kids will do that to you from time to time!).

    I have updated the post with your suggested wording and it is definitely an improvement!

    Thanks for the help.

  3. I am a friend of an Eamon O’ Brien who was living at
    The Bungalow

    I have lost contact with him, his telephone is nor responding.
    I am a wheelchair user and that makes for difficulty traveling otherwise I would have travelled to see him.
    Could it be that this is the same person that was your friend?

    I would like to know!

    Jim O’ Grady in Edinburhg Scotland.

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