Any questions for Neville Hobson?

Neville Hobson is co-host of For Immediate Release, one of the better podcasts on the net at the moment and one I try not to miss.

Neville is a big proponent of the virtues of Second Life and is heavily involved in a company called Crayon, which specialises in helping customers make sense of all the new media out there. Crayon held their launch in Second Life.

I will be interviewing Neville tomorrow morning (March 30th) for a PodLeaders podcast. If you have any questions you would like me to put to him, please leave them in the comments of this post.

7 thoughts on “Any questions for Neville Hobson?”

  1. My problem with Second Life is the disconnect when moving between the “game” and the rest of my digital life (Mac desktop, browser, email client etc.) It takes time to load and even when run as a window switching between it and everything else is not as slick as other applications.

    Is Second Life best as a completely immersive experience or will the boundary start to fade and switching between it and everything else become faster and easier?

  2. How does Neville think the imminent integration of voice functionality will affect the culture of Second Life? Will it erode the fantasy side of the environment?

    What opportunities are afforded by the increasingly immersive capabilities going forward, for example regarding telepresence vis-a-vis high-end systems like Cisco’s Telepresence 3000.

  3. Hi Tom,

    Could you ask Neville the following question:

    Second Life is very time consuming and lags quite a lot despite this there has been an initial rush to setup businesses there and many educators are investing a lot of time and effort in Second Life to try to get the virtual world of education going.
    Is there not the fear that something better will come along as in the case of Sonys PS3 Home community and peoples attention being focused into something that works faster and is better.Admittedly not everyone will have a PS3 console so “Home” may become an elite community however people will more be inclined to join the better looking community.How does Second Life expect to survive with
    so much change coming and cope with the continuous competition?

  4. I’ll be interested to hear what their plans are for Crayon. Seems like a lot of marketing done in and around Second Life. Is that the only platform Crayon uses for its marketing efforts? How are they using new tools like twitter?

  5. Another q Tom.


    Do you believe virtual communities hurt real communities?Is it such a smart thing to devote so much attention to fantasy when there is so much to be done in the first Life?Whats your take/opinion?


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