6 thoughts on “My desk”

  1. Nice setup Tom, looks like a work friendly environment unlike my own absolute mess of a desk. One question though – do you use the laptop screen at that height all the time? I ask because I developed problematic neck pain when I had it at that height and so prop it up on a riser all the time now.

  2. James – yes it is at this height all the time. It hasn’t been a problem yet. Mind you, the desk is higher than it looks (or I am smaller than I look!).

    Pat – last time you were down here, you weren’t in my office!

  3. Looks nice. I like the desk.

    James, I didn’t know that could cause problems. I use my laptop at this height all the time and I do get neck pains every now and then.

  4. Tom,

    You should dump the techie books – if you need the info, you’ll find it quicker in Google than in paper form (even if it less than 2 feet away!)


  5. Looks grand , but its funny as I always thought that you would be using at least an extra screen as I do, very usefull for screen space or expanding your desktop.

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