WordPress.com becomes an OpenID provider

WordPress.com, the WordPress powered, hosted, free blogging platform has just announced support for OpenID. What this means is that if you have a WordPress.com account, you now automatically have an OpenID!

What is OpenID? From the faq:

OpenID is an open standard that lets you sign in to other sites on the Web using your WordPress.com account. This means less usernames and passwords to remember and less time spent signing up for new sites.

WordPress hasn’t yet enabled OpenID sign in to WordPress.com (!) so for now this is one way but the plan is to make it two way I understand.

As Richard MacManus noted:

37Signals support is nigh. These two organizations join Digg, Microsoft, AOL, Yahoo, LiveJournal, MediaWiki, and others in their support of OpenID

Support for OpenID is growing in leaps and bounds. Hopefully the days of having hundreds of usernames and passwords to log into different sites is coming to a close.

WordPress.com supports OpenID

Via Conor’s Twitter stream

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