Online photo editing heats up

I see reporting that Adobe are to make a free, online, lite version of Photoshop available in the next few months.

According to Adobe CEO Bruce Chizen:

although hosted Photoshop is meant to be a low-end product, the company intends to ensure that it is of a higher quality than free alternatives.

I wonder what Walter makes of this development…

One thought on “Online photo editing heats up”

  1. Some possible reactions to this news…

    [stupid] “Oh my god I never saw *that* coming !”
    [theatrical] (rolls over and dies)
    [arrogant] “Welcome Adobe. Seriously.”
    [denial] “What ? – oh that doesn’t matter – we’ll just keep doing what we’ve always done – We’re the number #1 search result for ‘online photo editor’ you know – oh wait …”
    [humorous] “I’ll get my coat…”

    Adobe’s offering is (afaik) a free hosted service aimed at end-users. Pixenate is software that can be integrated into an existing site to make uploading, *editing*, printing & merchandising photos a seamless experience. Adobe’s announcement means we have to spend more on traditional targeted advertising to online businesses.

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