Saul proposes European YCombinator

I spotted over on the Web 2.0 Ireland blog that Saul Klein (Saul is VP of Skype, a Founding Partner of The Accelerator Group (TAG – an active early-stage investment and advisory network, and has recently been appointed to Index Ventures) is proposing a European techstars/ycomibinator type facility.

Saul says:

this is really a call to arms: for first-time European entrepreneurs to let us know what they need to improve their chances of global success and for serial entrepreneurs and investors to figure out how we can better support the best ideas and talent.

He goes on to say:

But in Europe we now have some advantages of our own:

  • world-class talent within the EU and in our orbit including Israel, Russia and South Africa
  • proportionally more 20-29 year old science & technology graduates in 10 European countries than the US
  • available startup capital like never before and experienced investors keen to back daring ideas to create global businesses
  • a generation of experienced European entrepreneurs ready to offer a support network
  • successful role model companies in capitals across Europe
  • cultures that are attuned to thinking global and acting local

Finally Saul says:

Right now, I’ve love your feedback.

Let me know;

  • what you think,
  • who you’d want to be involved,
  • how we should go about finding the right talent,
  • who should we be telling about it,
  • how should the model work best,
  • if your an entrepreneur what you would need,

This sounds like a great idea especially for anyone in startup right now, and kudos to Saul for pitching it.

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