Eddie Hobbs Keynote address at the 2006 it@cork conference

Eddie Hobbs gave the keynote address at the recent it@cork conference.

It was a wide-ranging, interesting and very topical talk.

This afternoon I published a recording of his address on the it@cork blog. It is 55 minutes long (including the q & a at the end) but well worth taking the time to listen to.

One thought on “Eddie Hobbs Keynote address at the 2006 it@cork conference”

  1. You could base a whole investment strategy on Eddie’s Talk. He tells you why you should be into gold, platinum and uranium. He predicts the forthcoming recession in the USA, several months before Alan Greenspan, well done Eddie! The prediction about 200 dollars a barrel for oil has me thinking seriously about investing in a Prius and some oil companies. His arguments about the Growth of video conferencing have me researching some new products from Skype. Hopefully he’ll come back and defend his claims and we’ll be able to watch him on The it@cork Vlog.
    A keynote speech you can act on. Thank you Eddie

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