Joost now available for Mac

Joost is the new application from the makers of Skype which streams TV over the Internet to your computer.

I went to download the Windows version of Joost the other day, to try installing it in my Parallels VM (don’t bother – it doesn’t work) when I saw the following:

Joost for Mac available

Finally, Joost for Mac has been released! Wohoo!

I downloaded Joost and ran it on the Mac.

Joost on Mac

It was a bit of a disappointment, I have to say. I wasn’t keen on it starting up in full screen mode but that is only a minor annoyance and quickly changed in the Preferences. The biggest letdown is the number of times the video stopped and started as it struggled to download the next chunk of the program.

My Internet connection is 3mb with a 20:1 contention ratio. I was watching on a Sunday morning so all should have been quiet and still the program couldn’t download the video fast enough. This makes for an irritating viewing experience.

I don’t know if this problem is peculiar to the Mac version or it is an issue with Joost in general. If it is not Mac specific, it needs to be fixed somehow or watching TV programs on the computer through Joost won’t catch on.

10 thoughts on “Joost now available for Mac”

  1. Same problem here Tom. I tried Joost on Vista a few weeks ago and didn’t get anywhere with it. I was hoping for more from the Mac version and I got more, but not much. I’d press play on a channel, leave it for an hour, come back and it would have downloaded about 12 minutes of video which wasn’t exactly high quality.

    It isn’t my line either. I was using Veoh the other day and was impressed as a 350mb high-quality DIVX movie downloaded in 25minutes.

    I know Joost uses UDP and fancy P2P technology to get the most out of the network but maybe it is too fancy and is getting caught up in itself. I also find Joost very frustrating for techies like us who want some kind of feedback on download rates.

  2. I was just about to try it out when I discovered I’ll have to wait to get it. Unless someone was to send me an invite that is…

    Got any you’d like to throw this way?

  3. It’s P2P you tool, which means the MORE users are on THE BETTER it will be. So if it’s a) on a queit Sunday morning and b) still in Beta, you’re going to hit the hurdles you point out.

    Just wait.

  4. Yea Stanley 🙂

    Altho that logic, while making sense, is not exactly helping my Skype experience. Which has gone from 200,000 users when I started using it (and nice quality thank you) to over 9M last week and patchy at best.

    keith (off to look up a raftery in my Readers Digest DIY guide – after hammers and before screwdrivers)

  5. In Ireland you are supposed to say “spanner” not “tool”, mads. Get it right eh 😉

    As for the P2P bit you may be right but our experiences were still poor. I’d expect decent performance from Joost with one user or a million users because it is a professional product and company distributing professional content. Their target market is also Joe Average who has no notion of P2P and will not care about your explanation, he will just want to watch telly on his laptop, no excuses. Otherwise he’ll turn off Joost and go back to Sky.

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