Beware of Jajah's mobile web app!

I posted recently about Jajah’s mobile web app. It seemed like a great idea at the time. unfortunately I hadn’t tried it out before posting about it.

I had an opportunity to try it out the other evening. I was trying to contact friends in New York from my mobile. I called up the Jajah mobile web app page and called my friends.

I made (and was billed for – see below) five calls to my friends’ numbers. Only one call connected us to each other and that dropped in mid-conversation.

The other calls connected my friends to my voicemail (!) where they left increasingly bemused messages for me.

The whole thing cost me €1.20 or just over 37c per minute – not exactly value for money!

Jajah call history

5 thoughts on “Beware of Jajah's mobile web app!”

  1. I gave up on it too Tom. It stops the hang-up key working on my N70 and keeps trying to get my to make Video calls! Still have €10 credit left so I must try the webapp to use it up.

  2. Conor,

    I think you are confusing the downloadable plugin (which caused me all kinds of problems too) and the mobile web app.

    The mobile web app is a web app available through a web browser at (that’s silly too – it should be It is a better idea than the plugin but unfortunately still needs some work seemingly.

    The normal web app works very well though but now with launched…

  3. Ahh, I should give the webapp a try too.

    You using it on Opera or Opera mini? Any difference if you tried both? GPRS or 3G connection? I assume you have some sort of data package with your mobile provider?

  4. I was using the built-in browser on the N70 Conor, whatever that is!

    I was using it over GPRS and no, I don’t have a data plan with my provider (Vodafone) as I use 3G/GPRS very infrequently ‘cos even with a data plan I can’t justify the expenditure!

  5. Ahh, the joy of being an early adopter! The problem with early adopting VoIP technologies as with anything else is that you are the guinea pig!!

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