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Beware of Jajah's mobile web app!

I posted recently about Jajah’s mobile web app. It seemed like a great idea at the time. unfortunately I hadn’t tried it out before posting about it.

I had an opportunity to try it out the other evening. I was trying to contact friends in New York from my mobile. I called up the Jajah mobile web app page and called my friends.

I made (and was billed for – see below) five calls to my friends’ numbers. Only one call connected us to each other and that dropped in mid-conversation.

The other calls connected my friends to my voicemail (!) where they left increasingly bemused messages for me.

The whole thing cost me €1.20 or just over 37c per minute – not exactly value for money!

Jajah call history

Jajah launches half-baked mobile product

Jajah launched a new VOIP product for mobile phones overnight.

The story was broken by our own Pat Phelan and followed up by BusinessWeek and Mike Arrington.

There are a number of problems with the product (I suspect they launched to deadline rather than launching when they had fully tested). The most obvious one I have heard is that the download link doesn’t work for the mobile client application and indeed when I tried to download the version for my Nokia N70, it attempted to download the wrong file type (.sis instead of .zip).

Jajah download error.

I did make a call to another Jajah user using the web interface but the call dropped after around 20 seconds – presumably ‘cos I had burned up my 50c credit. 50c in 20 seconds of a call (or $1.50 per minute)? That doesn’t seem like much of a cost saving to me – quite the opposite. Especially considering calls to other Jajah users are supposed to be free.

I suceeded to download with the OTA option (over the air). The app installed successfully on the phone but now I don’t know what to do next. Nor can I find anywhere on the site to tell me how I configure which calls go out over Jajah and which go over GSM. Seemingly Jajah decides that for you – well, if my Jajah experience so far is anything to go by, I’d prefer to be making those decisions myself, thanks.

My advice, wait until they get it right (could be a while yet!).