Allfreecalls from Ireland!

Good buddy Pat Phelan [that’s the disclosure out of the way!] has launched an Irish version of his allfreecalls product.

The thinking with this is that is you have signed up for a number of minutes a month from a local telco, then local and national calls are essentially free.

With that in mind, Pat has local and national numbers you can dial, which, when answered prompt you to enter the number of your final call destination.

I just used it to call an old college friend who moved to New York last year. Brilliant.

One of our neighbours is Bulgarian and she has family in Spain. She thinks this is a phenomenal idea. She can call either country for the cost of a local or national call.

Kudos to you Pat for making this possible.

8 thoughts on “Allfreecalls from Ireland!”

  1. from the allfreecalls site:

    Do you have an Imagine, Eircom, Perlico or one of the many other Irish providers’ bundles?

    Are your local or national calls included in your bundle?

    If so, you can call all the countries below totally FREE.

    This is incorrect. Check the terms & conditions of Imagine & Perlico (eircom sux with sessions) and you will clearly see in their ‘Free Calls’ section that free calls apply to local and national numbers. They don’t apply to non-geographical numbers so you’ll still end up paying either the local or national rate.

  2. err. I think the computer gobbled up my previous comment but the statement of local & national


    numbers as being included in ‘free call’ packages is incorrect. They aren’t, the customer will still end up paying the local/national rate to the corresponding number they ring. However, they will get free calls to


    numbers within Ireland. So really, these calls aren’t ‘allfree’, you’ll still stump up for the price of the PSTN call regardless of unlimited call package or not. and then the attraction of zero cost SIP rerouting from there on in is what lures folk in.

  3. ah bugger, incorrectly blockquoted those words when they should have been emphasised! (sorry i saw the b in ‘b-quote’ and immediately thought bold.)

  4. While this is great news, it definitely isn’t the first service of its kind. I have been using for a good while which also uses the 1890 numbers to call internationally.

    Either way, it is great to see an end to the rip-off that the other companies charge for international calls. If you actually do a price-per-minute comparison you will see that other operators can charge up to 20 times as much for the same call to some European countries.

    Thanks to Pat for further increasing the competition in the marketplace. 🙂

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