BarCamp Cork 2007 – in September/October?

Since my post yesterday, there has been a lot of discussion about the next Irish BarCamp and that’s great.

I had mentioned the idea of having the next BarCamp in Cork in May with a number of people because I hadn’t heard anything about another one happening soon and I didn’t want the momentum to be lost.

I spoke to Damien, Walter, and Conor as the organisers of the last Cork BarCamp and I spoke to Tom and Keith as the organisers of the most recent BarCamp. I spoke to them before BarCamp SouthEast and they all aagreed it was a good idea. In fact Keith agreed to announce it at the opening of the BarCamp Southeast.

Seemingly there’s talk of a Dublin BarCamp before the summer, great! And John Breslin has set a date of 07/07/07 for a BarCamp in Galway. Personally I’m not sure of the wisdom of having a BarCamp in July when many people will be on holidays but obviously that is up to John.

In light of all the BarCamp’s suddenly springing up and in the interest of having a diversity of venues I propose postponing the BarCamp in Cork until after the summer.

How does that suit people?

12 thoughts on “BarCamp Cork 2007 – in September/October?”

  1. Seems like a good idea Tom – and September seems good to me. Probably later rather than earlier to give you a chance to catch peoples eye after the general attention slump that is August.


  2. PS – we did do a very short intro to BC Waterford and the fact that there was another Barcamp in the offing was mentioned. However in our excitement we did not mention where.

    So to be fair to all concerned Tom’s planning – which he did indeed talk to myself and Tom Corcoran – was not made public.


  3. Okay, I’ve talked with Tom and assuming BarCamp Ireland 3 (BarCamp Dublin) goes ahead in April / May, BarCamp Ireland 4 (Galway) will happen in September and BarCamp Ireland 5 (BarCamp Cork: The Rebels Strike Back) will be in December / January.

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  5. Good man Tom,

    We have just pinned down the Digital Hub as venue. We need a bit of moolah to cover expenses but the currently committed sponsors should cover that. Full annoucement on the barcamp site as soon as I can touch base with Elly and Paul to confirm details.


  6. Great stuff Joe – can you take over the BarCampIreland3 wiki page too?


  7. Eoghan McCabe is involved in the organising too.

    I’m hoping to have a press release drafted in the next few hours, just stuck in meetings all day in Arizona, so expect something overnight IR time…

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