Beatles tracks to be made available for sale online finally?

The Toronto Sun is reporting that the entire Beatles back catalogue may be released through iTunes in the coming months with the first songs being made available as soon as next month- wohoo!

This follows on from a deal having been struck between the Beatle’s Apple company and Apple Computers over naming and sales of music by Apple Computers.


Apple Computers plans a “special” announcement scheduled for a Super Bowl commercial on Feb. 4, which may give more indication as to where the new remastered CDs will debut first.

6 thoughts on “Beatles tracks to be made available for sale online finally?”

  1. That’s great news.. have been waiting for the Beatles on ITunes for ages .. time to replace my worn out Sgt Pepper’s record .. 🙂

  2. Well ok … yay! I suppose … But I have all my favourite Beatles tracks in my iTunes library already because I legally ripped them from my CD collection. (Just as Steve Jobs did for the keynote earlier on in January.)

    So what’s the big whup? Has anyone seen any high-end research which breaks down the percentages of ripped / legally downloaded / illegally downloaded music stored on iPods all over the globe?

  3. I cannot find any additional news about whether or not it’s now official. Will the tracks be available for sale via iTunes?


  4. i find the beatles on itunes obnoxious, because i have more beatles in old mp3’s and on disc and vinyl then they will ever have. Sometimes you just have to ignore the system and get your music on your own.

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