Anyone got a copy of the PodLeaders Sam Sethi podcast?

I have put a copy of all the podcast mp3 files from PodLeaders on Libsyn today after the previous host’s server disappeared taking all my podcasts with it.

Unfortunately though I couldn’t find a copy of the podcast I did with Sam Sethi last Sept/Oct. If anyone has a copy of that mp3 I’d love to get it and put it up again.

Sam has been exceedingly gracious and offered to do another podcast (an offer I will take him up on shortly) but I’d really love to have the original interview as well.

If you come across any podcasts on PodLeaders not working now, please do let me know. As far as I am aware the Sam Sethi one is the only one not working but I could easily be wrong in that.

Thanks to Colin DiPonio, I now have the Sam Sethi podcast file once more. Thanks Colin.

4 thoughts on “Anyone got a copy of the PodLeaders Sam Sethi podcast?”

  1. Tom, I think you should do the interview with someone else pretending to be Sam – that would be a laugh a minute 🙂

    You could ask him why he decided to *leave* TechCrunch and slam the door on his way out 😉

    On a serious note, why don’t you stop deleting comments and podcasts

    Sorry, it’s late and I’m in a happy place due to over tiredness!

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