Withdrawing from BarCamp SouthEast

BarCamp South East is happening this coming Saturday (20th of January). I mentioned previously that I would be there.

Unfortunately I am going to have to withdraw from attending.

I only have one sibling, my sister Mary and she lives in Dallas. She is home now helping look after Dad since Mom died last week but she flies back to Dallas on Friday so I can’t leave him alone on Saturday to go to BarCamp (and he wouldn’t really appreciate coming along!).

Apologies in advance to anyone who was hoping to meet up there. It is a pity ‘cos the line-up looks fantastic and I really wanted to go.

8 thoughts on “Withdrawing from BarCamp SouthEast”

  1. I’m sorry to hear you won’t be attending, I was looking forward to catching up with you again, but it’s understandable after all the events of the past two weeks.

    Will you have a good net connection where you are on Saturday? We could always try and Skype/Blueface you in for one of the sessions if you liked – taking an hour for yourself would be a good thing for you but you wouldn’t be leaving your Dad either…. Let me know and we can try and sort things out…

  2. I’m not surprised, you’ve had it rough recently. I’m sure they’ll have a webcam of some sort set up for you to join in online.

  3. Tom, I’m sorry but I’m going to have to rescind my offer above to conference you into BarCamp tomorrow.

    IMHO, I think that you have handled the situation with Blacknight very badly, and since my fiancé works for them, I do not want to place myself in the middle of the current discussion…

  4. Elly – I read the post you wrote on your own blog and thought it was biased. This is to be expected as your partner works for Blacknight. I didn’t feel compelled to comment as it’s none of my business. And to be honest, I didn’t put much pass on it, either way.

    However, you got to admit that this particular comment is a little harsh given Tom’s circumstances? You know why he’s not attending, yet you’re going out of your way to be unhelpful because your partner works for a company that Tom has had a fallen out with. What makes matters worse is that you personally had a good experience dealing with Tom, or you wouldn’t have offered to connect him.

    I’m guessing that you’re either very inexperienced or extremely insensitive. I hope it’s the former so you can learn over time.

  5. Paul, that’s your personal opinion, perhaps I’m biased because of the knowledge of the issue that I have.

    If you want me to be honest, when i first met Tom at the previous BarCamp I found him to be somewhat overbearing. I only offered the help that I did because I’ve been in the same situation as Tom, I lost my father 7 years ago. I was trying to be a nice person about it and put my personal feelings aside. Tom, IMHO, did not manage to do the same this week, so i felt obliged to withdraw my offer.

  6. LOL

    thanks Elly for giving me my first laugh of the weekend.

    I have been accused of many things over the years but I can honestly say this is the first time anyone has called me overbearing.

    In fact Damien Mulley often tells me I am too modest!

    Good to know I am getting over that issue.

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