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Sorry I missed BarCamp Ireland – SouthEast

BarCamp Ireland – SouthEast went ahead yesterday and by all accounts was a great success.

I posted recently that I was going to be unable to attend for family reasons. In the comments of that post though, Elly Parker generously offered to conference me in for a period. That was great and I was really looking forward to it.

However, at the last minute, Elly felt obliged to withdraw the offer because her fiancé works for Blacknight (a company with whom I’m having a bit of a dispute currently!).

I’ll just have to be sure I make it to the next one.

Withdrawing from BarCamp SouthEast

BarCamp South East is happening this coming Saturday (20th of January). I mentioned previously that I would be there.

Unfortunately I am going to have to withdraw from attending.

I only have one sibling, my sister Mary and she lives in Dallas. She is home now helping look after Dad since Mom died last week but she flies back to Dallas on Friday so I can’t leave him alone on Saturday to go to BarCamp (and he wouldn’t really appreciate coming along!).

Apologies in advance to anyone who was hoping to meet up there. It is a pity ‘cos the line-up looks fantastic and I really wanted to go.