World champion blogger?

I was on NewsTalk 106 again yesterday evening. This time with I was on the Technology for the Rest of us slot with George Hook and Karlin Lillington.

What I didn’t realise going to the interview, was that this was the launch of NewsTalk in Cork and so they had along local politicians, the CEO of the Chamber of Commerce, CEOs of many local companies, Denis O’Brien, NewsTalk’s owner and Elaine Geraghty, CEO of NewsTalk. The interview was being broadcast from the Sheraton hotel, in Fota Island in front of this live audience, as well as all the station’s listeners!

What really threw me though, was when George Hook introduced me as “World Champion blogger, Tom Raftery”!

I managed to get a correction in but not before George used the term again several times. Mortification!

9 thoughts on “World champion blogger?”

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  2. Ah, shame I missed that. I don’t suppose it’s online anywhere?

    George Hook is the king of radio blunders; he’s let away with a lot! πŸ™‚

  3. Missed it too, is there a pod cast somewhere of the show?

    I finally met George a few weeks ago; he presented us with a cert from the radio academy.

    Newstalk is actually a very good station; I actually listen to talk radio, a new for me! πŸ˜‰

  4. Slightly infamous possibly Branedy but hardly World Champion blogger!

    I get mental pictures of Olympic flags and an announcer calling out “and now, all the way from Ireland, accepting the Gold medal we have…” !

    I don’t think it is online anywhere Eoghan, fortunately!

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