Free downloadable wallpaper files

Tired of looking at the same old desktop on your computer?

There’s a free gallery of very nice downloadable wallpapers for Windows Vista available here.

The photos are from a blogger and prolific Flickr user called Brajeshwar and as well as individual photos, you can also download a .zip wallpaper pack.

I’m not quite sure why they call them wallpapers for Windows Vista though. They are just .jpg files and work equally well on OS X (and XP as well).

7 thoughts on “Free downloadable wallpaper files”

  1. I suspect they’re described as ‘wallpapers for Windows Vista’ because at least some of them have been lifted straight out of one or more Vista distributions (beta and/or release-to-manufacturing).

    Surely in re-publishing the images on Flickr, this fellow has violated Microsoft’s copyright?

  2. The files are great, I like them.
    Although there are some photo size are not for wallpapers. But still good. Thanks

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