Up is down, black is white, Microsoft does Linux deal with Novell!

From the “They said it would never happen dept” comes news today that Microsoft have signed a deal with Novell!

The deal has been summarised into three main points by Dana Gardner:

  1. Under a technical cooperation agreement, Novell and Microsoft will work together in three primary areas to deliver new solutions to customers: virtualization, web services management and document format compatibility.
  2. Under a patent cooperation agreement, Microsoft and Novell provide patent coverage for their respective customers, giving customers peace of mind regarding intellectual property issues.
  3. Under a business cooperation agreement, Novell and Microsoft are committing to dedicate marketing and sales resources to promote joint solutions.

The timing of this deal is curious, coming as it does only a few short days after Oracle announces its enhanced support for Linux!

Looks like a competition to see who can love Linux the most these days, doesn’t it?

3 thoughts on “Up is down, black is white, Microsoft does Linux deal with Novell!”

  1. hi Tom —

    this is really a “divide and conquer” attack against Red Hat, I think. Still, it really illustrates that you can’t believe a word out of MS; one minute they were slagging off linux, next, they line up beside Novell 😉

  2. What Jason said.

    MS go head to head with Red Hat on the “enterprise” side of things; just like Oracle are doing, they’ll take advantage of any situation to kick Red Hat in the metaphorical head and Novell are the perfect company to do that with.

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