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In a follow-on to my post on External Storage options, I’m also wondering if anyone could recommend a good (good = reliable and cheap) e-tailer where i could source the sotrage solution i decide on (and any other electronic toys goods I want to buy).

Obviously, the e-tailer should have no problem shipping to Ireland!

4 thoughts on “E-tailer recommendations”

  1. Elara in Dublin carry a good range of computer goods and ship quickly and cheaply.

    In the UK I’ve been a Dabs user for many years and never had a problem. In fact they reduced their shipping to Ireland this year to a pretty low flat-rate on most things.

    Insight in the UK used to be good but I haven’t used them in a long time.

    Avitos in Germany used to be are excellent but I don’t think they ship to ireland any more. You also needed to make a lot of use of Google language tools! The big advantage of them was that they were Euro zone so no silly exchange rate issues.

    Pixmania are ok but pricey for most things. Irish domain but ship from France I think.

    Komplett are overrated. Pricey and very small selection. Irish domain but ship from Norway I think.

  2. I bought my MyBook from Komplett and I have to say it was a relatively painless experience (as were a few other purchases I had with them). I shopped around a few sites both here and in the UK and when you factor in postage Komplett are the best value. I ordered on a Sunday and I had my MyBook delivered on the following Friday. As Conor said, they do ship from outside Ireland but once your package get’s into Ireland it enters the An Post tracking system (if that’s who you pick for your shipping).

  3. Hi Tom
    It’s been a while since I bought anything from them but I’ve found eBuyer quite good in the past. Apart from 1 bad stick of RAM on one occasion when I bought the lot for an entire new machine they were great. Support and returns tracking is good, delivery is 2-3 days to Ireland and I think they have a flat fee for delivery to Ireland, something like €20 regardless the size of your order.Worth a look!

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