IE7 add-ons

Via Rob Burke, I saw a blog post on the IE blog listing add-ons which are available for IE7 and pointing out a site listing over 400 add-ons.

It is cool that there are now add-ons for IE7 which now give me functionality similar to that I already have in Firefox 2 (in many cases added with add-ons as well).

Unfortunately I couldn’t find an equivalent to my all-time favourite Firefox plugin, AdBlock and even more disconcerting is the fact that many of the IE plugins are commercial (i.e. not free!). Why would people pay for plugins for IE7 when similar plugins are available free for Firefox? Is it simply ignorance?

5 thoughts on “IE7 add-ons”

  1. one add on for firefox that I find particularly useful isgreasemonkey. It lets you use javascripts to change how a site looks and behaves. It ca clean up messy fonts and garish colour schemes etc as well as removing those annoying ad banners.

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