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I have long bemoaned the lack of a real data centre in Cork. Having worked for several web application companies in the past, I know the value of having a professional data centre local to you. Sure, most server management can be done remotely, but there is no substitute for that nice warm feeling you have when you know your servers are no more than 20-30 minutes away, in the event of something going horribly wrong.

To that end, a group of three like-minded businessmen and myself have come together to build Cork’s first purpose-built, fully redundant, professional data centre, under the name Cork Internet eXchange (CIX).

The project is well underway. This week we ran a successful power load test on our backup diesel generator. The generator, which has a 650 litre diesel tank, came fully online within seconds of power being cut to the building – our substantial UPS bank ensured no power was lost during those seconds.

In the photo below, you can just make out the lid on the exhaust has lifted as the generator started.
Successful CIX diesel generator power test

The CIX data centre initiative was first announced at BarCamp Ireland.

15 thoughts on “Cork's Data Centre – CIX”

  1. Hi Tom,

    This is great news. Good luck with the project!

    What about hosting companies to occupy it? Are they likely to be existing hosting companies or new Cork ones ?

    – Sean

  2. Greetings from Canada Tom!

    Per your AWESOME podcast with Hugh MacLeod of Gaping Void, your comment “Sheamus, as producer of the podcast, I too was very disappointed with the audio quality. I spent several hours on audio cleanup however it was the best we could do with the limited resources available to us at time of recording.

    Glad you managed to find it and that you enjoyed it so much.”

    I’m an ancient fellow and a tad behind the times in terms of technology (although I’m catching up fast these days). So podcasts are fairly new to me (and VERY interesting). Regarding your podcast with Hugh I was off-the-scale impressed with your questions and interview skills ,and Hugh’s responses were AWESOME… so big plus here.

    The voice quality (per my comment to Hugh’s blog) needed to be improved. Thus I was highly attentive to your comment “…best we could do with the limited resources available to us at time of recording.” Does this mean that the audio quality for any podcast is dependent on the recording equipment?

    If so then you ought to do a post based on your podcasting knowledge and experience and including therein recommendations for your blog audience with respect to good equipment choices.

    You might consider another blog post advising your audience on developing great questions and effective interviewing skills.

    Looking forward to visiting your blog frequently! With best regards,


  3. Keith – good point, although, as far as I know their CIX is very much on the wane.

    Sean – more than likely a mix

    Sheamus – I’ll email you on this

    Colin – thanks

    Branedy – love to, don’t be shy about offering advice and experience – both are more than welcome.

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  5. All the best..

    Now what sort of qualifications would one need to work in a data center? if one were to ask…

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