House for sale in Cork?

We moved house recently and are now selling our former house. It is listed in for €295,000. The auctioneer recommended it be listed at this price to get more people to view it – he thinks we should be able to get €315,000 for it (or more if we are lucky!).

It is a corner house in a good location, recently painted, with 3 bedrooms, a bathroom, guest toilet, a new kitchen (price includes all the kitchen appliances), 3 gardens (front, side and back) and a driveway for a car.

If anyone has any interest or would like to know more, feel free to call/email me or leave a comment here.

The auctioneer called me this morning to say we have an offer of €305,000

The house is now sold – thanks for your interest.

8 thoughts on “House for sale in Cork?”

  1. By god that’s a yellow kitchen! I’ll give you my entire house-buying budget of eigth euros and seventy-six cents, can’t say fairer than that, eh?

    Anyway, one of the lads on Open created a website for a house he was trying to shift a while back, and I remember thinking at the time that it was a good idea. Dunno how successful he was, but for the price of a domain and a few hours putting it together, is there really a downside?

    (You get a free domain with the Office Live beta if you tell a couple porkies on the application form (I am a business, I am in the US), and the web-building tools are excellent. This is a hint.)

  2. This is a hint

    Thanks for the clarification Adam, I wouldn’t have picked up on that otherwise! 😉

    Good idea though, I’ll deffo check it out, nice one.

  3. D’oh!

    You are not using a recent version of Internet Explorer and need to download it in order to use Office Live.

    Well, there goes that idea!

  4. Ed – the house is literally 5 minutes drive from the airport – with Ryanair now doing 1c flights from Cork to Dublin and the money you’d save buying this house vs. an equivalent in Dublin, I think it’d make economic sense for you to buy it!

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