Is there something in the air?

Om Malik announced today he is leaving his job at Business 2.0 to setup a new business.

Robert Scoble let slip that he is leaving Microsoft to join a startup, at a bloggers dinner the other night.

Tara Hunt announced last week that she’s leaving Riya to go out on her own.

Ben Metcalf has left the BBC to start something new.

Chris Messina posted a couple of months back that he was leaving Flock to go out on his own.

I’m sure there are others I have left out.

Of course no trend would be complete without its exception – Niall Kennedy announced he was leaving startup Technorati back in February and subsequently joined Microsoft!

It seems that all over good people are on the move, primarily from (reasonably) secure jobs into the great unknown that is startupsville! Is there something in the air?

5 thoughts on “Is there something in the air?”

  1. it’s Dot Com 2.0 😉

    There is a significant pick-up in the market place. Many people may have been in a safe haven for a the storm of the past few years.

    One good thing is that this time, it’s doesnt seem to be distorted by big investments.

    The pick-up I see and hear about is in sales revenues.

  2. Ben Metcalf has left the BBC to start something new.

    Lol, well if you know where I should be going/what I should be starting, let me know! 🙂

    (Congrats for the Web2.0 Conf – sounds like it was a top event!)

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