Sleep deprivation sucks!

I had forgotten how debilitating sleep deprivation can be but boy am I feeling the effects of it today!

Our newborn, Enrique, was sleeping very well the first couple of weeks, waking only once a night to be fed. But the last couple of nights he has been waking three times a night to be fed – ouch!

My head hurts, I feel groggy and I haven’t even had the couple of drinks which would normally be the pre-cursor to those symptoms.

Hopefully it is only a growth spurt and he’ll settle back down to a more humane regime again soon. Otherwise expect the posts here to become even more garbled than usual!

4 thoughts on “Sleep deprivation sucks!”

  1. Hi Tom,

    Congrats on the new arrival. You are doing pretty well on the sleep!!

    Our second son (9 months old) still won’t sleep through the night wakes maybe 2 – 3 times. He has bad colic, so we didn’t sleep for the first 10 weeks. After our first baby I invested in an espresso machine, I would recommend Java Republic Munkey espresso beans to clear the cob webs in the morning.

    Best of luck


  2. Thanks for the congrats Liam.

    Don’t worry, I know I am doing well – Tomás, our first son didn’t sleep properly until he was over 15 months old – he was a complete nightmare. In fact, the difficulties we had with him were the reason we waited so long before having another child!

    Hopefully Enrique will settle a bit soon and we won’t go through all that once more!

  3. hiya Tom

    I had a smile on my face (the horrible kind) when I read the post – especially after you told me on Thursday last week about the uber-child who never woke up during the night.
    “Thats great Tom” I said to you. (Thats such a smug thing to say my sleep deprived mind thought!)

    And never mind the garbled posts – how about keeping the lawyers on retain to moderate them all for a couple of weeks 😉


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